When Pool Enclosure Rescreening is the Only Option Instead of Repairing

When Pool Enclosure Rescreening is the Only Option Instead of Repairing

Pool enclosures are durable, but damage from storms and the passage of time can weaken the structure and potentially cause a total collapse. In some cases, a simple pool enclosure repair job may not be enough.  Instead, a full pool enclosure rescreening is necessary to restore your structure. Understanding the common problems that necessitate a total pool enclosure replacement can help you make the right choice.

Damage from Storms and Other Causes
In addition to hurricanes, Florida has some pretty intense storms.  A brutal storm can wreak havoc on your pool screen enclosure, especially if high winds are involved. The wind itself could be the culprit of the damage, and debris carried by the wind can also destroy your screens. If a powerful Florida storm knocks down the structure of your enclosure, no amount of minor pool screen repair work will fix the issue. Instead, you’ll need a full pool enclosure rescreening. Storms aren’t the only foe your enclosure will face; large pets and small children may weaken or damage screens over time.

Refreshing the Look of Your Enclosure
Some homeowners choose to replace their enclosures when the old one looks dated and no longer fits with the aesthetics of the home or neighborhood. A new exterior paint job on your house may also necessitate an upgrade to the style of your enclosure. Styles and technology continue to change for pool enclosures.  A look that fits well in the neighborhood ten years ago might look dated today. A full pool enclosure replacement will help coordinate the aesthetics of your home with your enclosure.

Choosing Upgrades for Your Enclosure
Changes in your family or lifestyle can also motivate you to replace your pool enclosure. Dulando Screen and Awning is proud to partner with Phifer Screen.  They have so many screens to enhance your outdoor experience.

  • Phifer Pet Screens. If you adopt a large dog or have a child, replacing the screens in an existing pool enclosure may be necessary. More durable material can ensure that your child or pet can’t damage the screens.
  • Need a reprieve from the sun? Upgrading to Phifer Solar Screens is a good idea.
  • Are insects and pests getting in from small holes or tears in your existing structure? Phifer insect screen has insect-proof screens that have a 20×20 mesh.  Pests can’t get in, but you can still enjoy the view of your backyard.
  • If privacy is important to you, upgrading to Phifer Glas-Shield privacy screen can keep prying eyes away from your outdoor living area.

Aged and Broken Down
Even with routine maintenance, your pool enclosure may begin to show its years through mold growth and other unsightly residue caused by Florida’s wet weather and high humidity. If you live on the coast, constant contact with a salt spray can also age an enclosure. Small instances of staining can sometimes be cleaned, but a replacement is likely necessary when the residue is widespread and beginning to weaken the structure itself.

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If your pool enclosure is showing its age or has extensive damage, it’s time to start thinking about a full replacement. Dulando Screen & Awning, a Florida pool enclosure contractor serving the Orlando area and other coastal areas such as Daytona Beach and New Smyrna Beach in Volusia County, offers full Pool Enclosure Rescreening options for your home. Contact us today at 407-862-6060 to learn more about pool enclosures and the many upgrades that are available. We welcome you to request a design consultation with our staff and receive a free estimate.

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