When It Is Time To Rescreen Your Patio / Pool Enclosure

When It Is Time To Rescreen Your Patio / Pool Enclosure

When you live in Florida, it’s a given that you want to enjoy spending time outdoors in your screen-enclosed patio or pool deck. There are many advantages to having an aluminum screen patio or porch enclosure!  A quality screen enclosure protects you and your home from intense rays of sun, insects and offers a comfortable place to relax with family and pets.

One of the more frequent services we handle this time of year is rescreening and repairing patio and pool enclosures. Since many screen room enclosures have been custom-designed to complement your home, the solution to revitalize your screen enclosure depends on many factors.

Take for example, we recently received a call from a customer because her comfortable screened-in patio was starting to look worn out and torn in some areas. We all love our pets and consider them members of our family. However, when they destroy our home or belongings, it can be both frustrating and unsightly.  Specifically, her cats had ripped parts of the screen when they were reaching for lizards or squirrels that ran across the outside of the screen. She didn’t like the way the rips and tears looked plus there’s the concern of unwanted pests.

Living in Florida, we all know a few things for certain: there will always be critters that will run across those screens, plus mosquitos and flies will find their way inside to the patio, AND it will reduce the enjoyment of spending time out on that comfortable patio in the cool mornings and evenings.

Repair or Rescreen The Patio Enclosure?
In situations like this, one of the first questions many homeowners ask, “Can it simply be repaired or do I need to rescreen the patio (or porch)?”  That’s a great question and it really depends on

  • the extent and area of the damage
  • the overall age and condition of the screen
  • the integrity of the aluminum or metal patio enclosure structure.

The easiest and best way to determine whether it’s time for a repair or a rescreen of the patio or pool enclosure is by contacting us to come to your home for a FREE in-home consultation. Our screen enclosure specialists can help you find the perfect solution for your needs and budget so you can focus on relaxing instead of constantly watching those unsightly rips and worrying about the incoming insects and  pests.

Have You heard Of Phifer Pet Screen Fabric?
Though we can’t protect your shoes and furniture from the family pets, Dulando Screen & Awning knows how to help prevent this from happening to your screen door and patio screen enclosure.  One of our favorite brands is Phifer Pet Screen. We know how to keep your patio enclosures looking good even though you have pets who may like to paw at the screens from time to time. Pet Screen is the perfect pet-resistant screen for window doors and patio screen enclosures. The Phifer Pet Screen brand screen fabric is 7x stronger than standard screen material and you don’t have to sacrifice the outward visibility for endurance.

Pet Screen is constructed of strong vinyl-coated polyester and will resist damage from clawing and scratching from your favorite furry family members while providing excellent outward visibility for their human friends. If you’re interested in a pet door or even pet guards, Dulando Screen & Awning can install both for you. Pet guards may be mounted on doors and some patio applications as well.

If you are interested in having your patio and doors updated with pet-resistant screens, simply contact us, and one of our helpful and friendly team members will schedule a free consultation.

This is the time of year when we all love to spend time outdoors in the screened and shaded comfort of our patio, porch or pool area. For all your porch and patio screen enclosure replacement needs, call (407) 862-6060.


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