When is it Time to Rescreen a Pool Enclosure?

When is it Time to Rescreen a Pool Enclosure?

Swimming pool enclosures are wonderful additions to your outdoor living spaces. They help to create a defined look and space for your pool area. They offer privacy and shelter. In addition, they enhance safety and comfort. However, nothing lasts forever, especially in Florida. When is it time to rescreen a pool enclosure? Here are a few signs to watch out for.

Rescreen a Pool Enclosure When:

Your Pool Screens Are Torn

When a few screens are torn is the most obvious sign. A torn screen lets insects and debris in. Depending on the severity of the tear or its location, a screen repair may be possible. However, it may not be the best answer. If the damage is extensive and the pool cage is old or outdated, then, a pool screen replacement may be the better value.

Mold Is an Issue

Florida gets its fair share of humidity. The price we pay for living in our state is mold and mildew. Mold and mildew can damage pool screens and grow on aluminum. They can also be difficult to eradicate. If they’ve latched onto your screens, it might be a good idea to discuss a rescreen. Depending on the damage to the aluminum structure, we can figure out if the pool screen enclosure needs to be replaced.

Damage From Sun or Salt Water Is a Problem

Constant exposure to the Florida sun and saltwater isn’t kind. Metals can corrode under those constant conditions. Choosing properly treated surfaces with protective coatings or other features that allow them to survive and thrive in our humid climate can extend the life of your pool enclosure.

Fascia or Soffit Damage

Most pool enclosures connect to the edge of a house or building. Over time, the connection between the enclosure and the home occasionally leads to slow drainage, which can set the stage for water damage and mold growth along the fascia and soffit. Birds, squirrels, and other pests also find these spaces attractive. Their attempts to nest can damage the fascia and soffit. When these materials have been damaged, repairing them should be done as part of the pool cage rescreening process.

Choosing a Different Screen for your Pool Enclosure

If you’ve had your pool enclosure for a few years and notice that it’s not as effective keeping out Florida state bird, the mosquito, or keeping pets in, there’s a screen for that.  Dulando offers Phifer screens and there are several fantastic options available:

  • Phifer Pet Screen offers enhanced durability. It makes it a great choice for homes with either pets or small children.
  • Phifer Solar Screen provides extra protection from the sun. With the dangers that sun exposure brings to both people and property, a little extra help can be a welcome advantage.
  • Phifer Glass-Shield Privacy Screen won’t block your view of your beautiful backyard. However, it does shield your pool area from prying eyes.
  • Phifer Insect Screen is made from a fine mesh that keeps even tiny insects like Florida’s famous no see ums away. It always ensures that more debris stays outside of your pool enclosure so that the area stays cleaner.

Are you Ready to Rescreen your Pool Enclosure?

If you’re seeing any of these issues with your current pool enclosure, give us a call.  It may be that the structure looks a little tired. Alternately, you may be eager to improve it by installing better technologies. It may be time to repaint the structure or replace the fasteners and hardware. You can trust Dulando Screen & Awning for your rescreen pool enclosure project. Contact us today at 407-862-6060 to discuss the possibilities.

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