What To Know Before Hiring a Screen Enclosure Contractor

What To Know Before Hiring a Screen Enclosure Contractor

You’ve probably envisioned a pool screen enclosure for your backyard and know all about its benefits. However, did you know it’s equally important to consider all aspects of hiring a screen enclosure contractor? We’re not talking about hiring a screening contractor who builds decks or has installed fencing in a yard. We’re talking about finding the right local screen enclosure contractor who understands everything it takes to create the pool enclosure from start to finish.

Dulando Screen & Awning has been in business for over 50 years. We’ve built pool screen enclosures that were simple in nature to some very extravagant lifestyle enclosures. With both spectrums, the client got exactly what they wanted. Before hiring a screen enclosure contractor, spend some time researching the pool or patio enclosure process in order to make an informed decision.

We understand that by educating you, our customer, about outdoor screen enclosures and what it takes to make the decision, that when you meeting with quality screen enclosure contractors, you will already be one step ahead.  Isn’t it nice to be in the driver’s seat?

3 things to know before hiring a screen enclosure contractor.

1. Know Your Budget

Though you’d probably rather think about designs and styles, your budget plays an important role in the type of enclosure you choose.

Imagine getting exactly what you want AND staying within your budget.

A simple privacy screen on a backyard patio not only keeps out UV rays and pests but does so at an affordable price. However, a large pool set farther away from your home may require a specially designed standalone enclosure that costs a bit more. Many different factors determine the final cost of your screen enclosure, such as the overall pool and patio size.

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2. Choose an Enclosure Design

Once you have your budget worked out, you’ll have to answer a few questions. Would you like a standalone pool enclosure or one that extends from your house? Are there trees or other obstacles that interfere with the surrounding space?

Essentially, you need to:

  • Evaluate your space – size & location of the pool
  • Choose your materials – upgrade decking or style of enclosure and type of screen
  • Remove any obstacles to the new enclosure – trees or other landscaping

You can get a custom-designed screen patio enclosure that looks like an extension of your house or one that simply screens in a small space. Talking to a professional contractor can help you choose the right design and answer any questions you may have.

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3. Selecting a Professional Contractor

With your budget determined and a design in mind, you’ll want to hire an experienced screen enclosure contractor for the job. Some contractors may build quality decks while others probably construct excellent patios. However, do these contractors specialize in installing patio and pool enclosures? That’s a question you’ll need to ask.

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So, why choose Dulando? For one, we’ve specialized in planning, designing and installing pool and patio screen enclosures since 1968. We also use high-quality parts that require little to no maintenance. We tackle residential and commercial jobs of any size and handle the entire process from top to bottom.

Be careful of pool enclosure companies that promote the lowest price.

With full-coverage insurance and a passion to see your dream come to fruition, Dulando Screen & Awning provides peace of mind when constructing your new pool screen enclosure with the detail, quality and attention it deserves. Call us today at 407-862-6060 for a free no-obligation in-home design consultation.


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