What To Expect with a Screen Porch Installation on a Deck

What To Expect with a Screen Porch Installation on a Deck

Decks are delightful, but upgrading to a screen porch provides greater protection from common nuisances like biting bugs and bad weather. If you’re interested in a screen porch installation to enjoy more shade, privacy and security, here’s how to start the process.

Building a Screen Porch on a Deck

What Do You Want

How do you currently use your outdoor living space? Once you have a new screened-in porch, what else do you need to function comfortably? Will you need features like electrical outlets, lighting, or skylights? Do you still want an outside area for grilling or other activities best done under an open sky? Getting your ideas together first makes planning and designing smoother. It also helps you avoid the cost of expensive change orders during construction.

Inspect the Deck’s Foundation

Any new structure requires a solid foundation. A screen porch is no exception. Before moving forward, evaluate your existing deck’s foundation and overall condition. When considering deck enclosures, it’s vital to remember that adding a roof and screened walls to a deck also adds significant weight. Assessing the existing structure thoroughly is imperative to see if it is up to the task. If not, you’ll know you need to plan for repairs, modifications, or replacement.

Decide on Sizing for the Screen Porch Enclosure

How big will your new screen porch be? The answer isn’t necessarily determined by the size of your existing deck. You could use all or a portion of it. You could add on or tear it down and start over. For the best results, your wants, needs, and budget should be the deciding factors in the size of your new enclosure. After all, the goal is to create a quality screen porch that fits your lifestyle.

Determine Your Budget

Calculating what you can afford allows you to determine the boundaries of your project. It’s fun to dream about the possibilities, but it’s wise to stay within a reasonable budget. Determine the features you want on your screened-in patio first. That way, you’ll be ready to talk to a reputable screen enclosure contractor. These professionals are familiar with all the ins and outs of converting a deck to a screen porch, so they can help you make the most of your budget.

Ensure Approvals Are Obtained

While you’ll want the final say on the design, your approval isn’t the only one necessary. If you live in an area with a homeowner’s association, be aware that you may need your HOA’s approval for an improvement project. In addition, Florida requires construction permits. Inspections may also be necessary if you are incorporating electrical work. A reputable contractor will often arrange permitting and inspections, but it’s wise to check with them.

Prepare for Installation

Screen porch installation is significant, so prep work paves the way. For starters, utility companies will be out the preceding week to mark all public utility lines. Are private lines in the installation area, like irrigation or service lines, running from your home to outbuildings? It is your responsibility to mark them. You’re also tasked with clearing personal property of the area. In addition, you may also be asked to point out where materials for the job can be placed. Materials for deck screens are often delivered a day or so before the installation.

We realize this seems like a lot to consider. That’s why you can depend on Dulando Screen & Awning to walk you through the process every step of the way. We’ve been doing this since 1969, so lean on our experience. If you’re interested in a screen porch installation on a deck, our team will be delighted to help you make the change. To explore your options, contact us for a free in-home design consultation.

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