Using Florida Glass as a Privacy Screen for your Pool Enclosure

Using Florida Glass as a Privacy Screen for your Pool Enclosure



Privacy can be tough to come by in today’s crowded, hectic world. Are you longing for sheltered space where you and your loved ones can relax without having to worry about what the neighbors are thinking? Do you want your swimming pool to be a private backyard oasis that offers a refuge from prying eyes? Using Phifer Florida Glass privacy screen in your pool enclosure can provide the privacy that you crave without interfering with your enjoyment of the world outside.

What Is Florida Glass?

Florida Glass is a product from Phifer™ Screen called “Glas-Shield”. It’s a screening product that takes a fiberglass mesh screen and laminates it with vinyl.  The result is a glass shield screen that is commonly referred to as Florida Glass. This special screening material offers a look similar to that of frosted glass, making it an ideal choice when privacy is a priority.

Why Use It for a Pool Privacy Screen?

At Dulando Screen & Awning, we use Phifer™ Glas-Shield when clients want the privacy that vinyl-laminated screening provides. What makes this product a perfect pick for a swimming pool privacy screen? There are many reasons that it’s a great choice:

  • Privacy. While it lets in light, the misty look of Glas-Shield obscures the view of anyone trying to peer through it. As a result, the material provides welcome privacy for the space that it surrounds.
  • Aesthetics. Phifer Glas-Shield is an attractive material, so it won’t detract from the beauty of your backyard.
  • Protection. Unlike typical screens, Glas-Shield has a solid surface. With no little holes, it does a superior job of keeping dust, pollen and debris out of your pool. As an added bonus, it’s waterproof, so it can help keep any stray splashes from escaping the pool area.
  • Durability. Phifer™ is a leader in screening products.  They are known for providing quality products with in-demand features.  Florida Glass or Glas-Shield is no exception. Thanks to the vinyl lamination, it is much sturdier than standard screening products. Neither stormy weather nor close encounters with children and pets present problems for this durable material.
  • Livability. Protecting your privacy in the pool area with Glas-Shield pool enclosure transforms the space into an outdoor room. It isn’t intended to serve as a roof or skylight. It’s not suitable for horizontal applications. However, it can keep bugs, bad weather in the form of wind or rain, and other nuisances from sneaking through the screen of your pool enclosure. Plus, its ability to prevent debris from entering the pool means that you’re able to spend less time on pool maintenance.

Dulando Screen & Awning is a family-owned and operated business. We delight in serving our fellow Floridians by providing those who live in the Orlando areas as well as the Daytona Beach and New Smyrna Beach areas with high-quality, affordably priced patio and pool screen enclosures.

That’s why we combine the best materials with custom designs and meticulous craftsmanship in every single project we do. To learn more about privacy screens for pool enclosures or request a free estimate for your next project, contact us today at 407-862-6060.


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