Roof Types of Screen Enclosures For Your Swimming Pool

Roof Types of Screen Enclosures For Your Swimming Pool

Just as you can choose from several different pool designs, you can also select between various screened in pool enclosure designs. A screen enclosure benefits you in so many ways, from cutting down your maintenance chores to creating an outdoor space for gathering and entertaining. We’ve outlined a few roof types for screen enclosures. These roof designs depend on the certain style and function you want for your pool screen enclosure. Whether it’s a mansard roof or a dome roof you’re interested in, you have a lot to consider when it comes picking out the right roof type for your screen enclosure.

The Different Roof Types of Screen Enclosures

mansard roof style pool enclosureMansard Roof

The mansard roof is the most popular screen enclosure roof. This style of roof slopes upward on all sides and has a flat, level midsection.

Because of its design, the mansard seems more open than other roof styles and gives the impression of more space.


Hip Roof

Hip roofs look like mansards except for one thing: A hip doesn’t have a flat midsection. Instead, the hip slopes up from all sides and meets at the top.

Because of their slopes, hip enclosure roofs provide more wind resistance during storms.  They also provide the illusion of being taller than a mansard roof.

Pool Enclosure

Dome Roof

Like the mansard, a dome roof creates a sense of open space. It also adds curbside appeal because of its gentle slope and architectural design.

These roofs also resist wind and can weather Florida’s storms throughout the years.

hip roof-sm

Gable Roof

A gable roof, also known as an A-frame roof, has two sloping sides that create a triangle.

This enclosure roof complements many homes in Florida because it shares the same roof design. It can stand alone and surround a pool or attach to an open patio that has a gable.

Pool Enclosure

Slope Roof

A sloping roof works well with only certain styles of architecture.

A slope-style roof is efficient in shedding leaves and debris from your enclosure. This screen enclosure roof complements many homes in Florida because of its gentle slope and architectural design.

These 4 basic screen pool enclosure designs are all commonplace in the Florida market and most companies with average experience can probably build them.

However, the next two screened in pool enclosure roof types are highly specialized and you’ll want to check and double check your screen enclosure company can handle that type of enclosure.

2-story-enclosure2-story Screen Enclosures

If you have a 2-story home or townhome, it’s possible you’ll want a 2-story screen enclosure. It will provide an openness to your pool area as well as enclose a top floor balcony if you have one. Although they are extremely beautiful and complement your home perfectly, they are obviously more expensive and more difficult to build. Experience is key with a 2-story screen enclosure.

Custom Roofs

You don’t have to limit yourself to a few roof styles for your pool enclosure. We can install a custom-built enclosure to suit your needs. We’ll combine a mansard on a two-story pool cage or create a flat roof enclosure to match your home. No matter what kind of roofline your home has, we can contour any roof to make your enclosure look like an extension of your house. Again, experience is key to developing a custom pool enclosure roof.

When looking for a pool screen enclosure, you can see the different roof types also serve specific purposes in helping you reduce maintenance in your pool area.

The best way to approach making this decision is to look through our gallery of different screened in pool enclosures. Our design specialist can also help you decide which roof type would fit best with your home’s overall look.   Call us at 407-862-6060 or fill in our online estimate form.

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