Types of Phifer Screens for Your Pool or Patio Enclosure

Types of Phifer Screens for Your Pool or Patio Enclosure

Window screens perform their job with just occasional patching, so why not install the same material around your patio or pool? A reputable screen enclosure contractor will be the first to point out that plain screens don’t have the durability for year-round outdoor duty. Phifer screens offer superior, maintenance-free strength, and they give you real versatility in style and function.  Here are the 3 main types of Phifer screens for your patio or pool enclosure.

Phifer Pet Screen – Keep Pets In and Wildlife Out

Phifer PetScreenIf the family pet used a doorbell to let you know when he wanted in and out, that back porch screen would last a lot longer. If Florida critters didn’t love your barbecue leftovers, you wouldn’t have to worry about midnight raids.

Phifer Pet Screen is seven times stronger than a traditional screen and stands up to it all. Fresh air and your favorite view are yours to enjoy without the headache of torn screens.  Homeowners especially love Phifer Pet Screen for sliding doors.

Imagine a backyard kitchen with a see-through ceiling and walls that keep out critters and bugs. Pet screens are even tough enough to handle stray golf balls and rowdy kids.

Phifer Solar Screen – Enjoy the Rays and Reflect the Heat

Phifer SunscreenYou don’t have to give up fresh breezes and backyard scenery to beat our Florida heat.

Phifer Solar Screen blocks up to 90 percent of heat and glare.  Therefore, your screened patio enclosure or sunporch stays cool with plenty of ventilation. The heat-busting secret to this type of screen is its vinyl-coated polyester material.

Phifer SunTex absorbs heat and dissipates glare by as much as 70 percent, and it’s available in five natural colors to cover every taste in exterior design. For the ultimate protection from summer’s hottest days,

Both Phifer screens allow perfect visibility from inside while the Super Solar line adds an extra layer of privacy to your enclosure.


Phifer Solar Insect Screen – Beat Bugs and Deflect Dust

Whether you call them sand fleas or no-see-ums, tiny biting midges are impossible to keep at bay with ordinary screening material. The design of a Phifer insect screen puts these pests in their place with a 20 x 20 mesh count that keeps bugs outside of your comfort zone. Like all Phifer screens, the material doesn’t interfere with your view or love of an evening breeze. The tight mesh construction also filters out airborne dust, debris and pollen, so you can breathe easier.

Dulando Screen & Awning is always happy to share information that helps you decide on the best Phifer screen for your patio enclosure, and we also offer the talents of our in-house design teams. Just contact us at 407-862-6060 for more information and a free estimate. A quality screen enclosure makes all the difference in the quality of life you enjoy in the sunroom, on the patio and around the pool, so give us a call today.

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