Types of Phifer Screen for your Patio or Pool Enclosure

Types of Phifer Screen for your Patio or Pool Enclosure

Not all Screens are Created Equal
Phifer Screen is the only brand of screen that lasts for 10-12 years – a quality, durable material for your screen enclosure.  Phifer screening products are ideal for patio enclosures or pool enclosures.

Since 1952, Phifer has been a leader in the screen making industry and is today the world’s largest supplier of woven fiberglass pool screening.   Once a patio or pool screen enclosure is built or replaced with Phifer Solar Insect Screen, you may expect up to 10-12 years of maintenance free screening to protect and beautify your home.

Why using PHIFER BRAND screens makes a difference
Phifer ScreenNo other screen material offers total protection from the elements, insects and harsh solar rays. Simply stated, Phifer screen is built to last and perform better than any other product on the market. While using an inferior screening product may look the same when the job is complete, within just a few years that same screen may begin to mildew, fade and tear easily. A Phifer screen maintains that like-new look, feel and performance for a decade or more.

What is Phifer Solar Insect Screen?
solar insect screenSolar Insect Screen which is often referred to as the no see um screen.  It offers you the best insect protection to keep bugs and backyard critters away from your pool, deck and home. It’s been called the no seem um screen because it really does keep the no see ums out of your patio area.  Dulando Screen and Awning uses Fiberglass 20×20 “no see um screen” to provide the maximum protection vs. standard fiberglass or aluminum screen.

Mesh count in a screen is very important. When understanding how the insect screen works, it’s important to know what ‘mesh count’ means as it relates to protection.  This is the number of openings per linear inch on the screen.  The mesh is counted by starting from the center of one wire or yarn and counting the number of openings to a point one linear inch away.

For example: 8 X 8 mesh indicates that, in one linear inch, there are eight (8) openings. This is a standard Phifer screen. A 20 X 20 mesh indicates that in one linear inch, there are twenty (20) openings and the No-Seeums (20×20 Mesh) is of the highest quality is for those pesky no-seeums. The product’s design uses finer yarns in a tighter mesh. The design creates more holes per square inch (20 x 20) which, in turn, improves ventilation and optical clarity. The result is better performing insect screen. Dulando Screen and Awning uses 18 x 14 as a standard screen.

Phifer screen brand includes both the Solar Insect Screen and Glas-Shield products which are designed specifically for pool screen enclosure applications where extra strength, small insect prevention, and reduction of wind-blown debris are key factors in protecting a home and pool.

Phifer Pet Screen: Tough As Your Pets’ Nails
Phifer patio and pool screen is great for keeping insects and critters and debris out of your outdoor living space, however, it’s not as efficient as keeping IN your pets or OUT unwanted pets or animals.  Especially those with claws.

That’s where Phifer Pet Screen comes in.  Reassuringly sturdy, Phifer Pet Screen is 7x stronger than standard screens for patio enclosure material.

Did we mention Phifer pet screen is also a winner with homeowners who have small children?  Whether you have little paws or little fingers, you can rest assured that your screen can handle both pets and children.

Ideal areas to use Phifer Pet Screen instead of a standard screen are:

  • Sliding doors and outdoor kitchens
  • High traffic areas where children play
  • The erroneous golf or softball  ball
  • While not sacrificing outward visibility and insect control

More Great Features of Phifer SunScreen Products:

energy-savingEnergy Savings Phifer’s range of exterior Sun Control fabrics provide a great reduction in solar heat creating a more comfortable environment and less work for your air conditioner.
microbanMicroban Phifer sun control fabrics are the only shade fabrics in the world to include Microban protection. Microban antimicrobial protection works nonstop to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew that can cause stains, odors and product deterioration. You can breathe easier knowing Microban is working to reduce these health pollutants.
flame-retardantFlame Retardant Exterior Sun Control fabrics are flame retardant and meet flame certification standards based on national and local requirements. Dulando Screen and Awning knows the protection and safety of your family is priority number one.
greenguardGreenguard Certification ensures products have met some of the world’s most rigorous and comprehensive standards for low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into indoor air.
lead-freeLead-Free Phifer Incorporated’s entire line of Exterior Sun Control fabrics is lead-free, meeting and far exceeding several window covering industry testing standards for hazardous materials.

Remember everyone will say that they use Phifer screen products on your screen pool enclosure or patio screen enclosure, but they don’t.  Many screen enclosure companies use inferior screen enclosure products to reduce material costs and make more money from the project. Dulando Screen & Awning has been working with homeowners just like you since 1968.  We simply won’t sacrifice quality materials or workmanship to build it cheaper. Dulando Screen & Awning prides itself on our longstanding factory direct partnership with Phifer Screen.  We carry all of the Phifer screen products.Save


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