Top Questions During a Patio Enclosure Consultation

Top Questions During a Patio Enclosure Consultation

You’ve decided that it’s the perfect time to enhance your outdoor living space with a patio enclosure. If your goal is to reach out to a few reputable patio contractors, wouldn’t it be nice to know what types of questions they will be asking during your appointment?  Here is our list of the top questions during a patio enclosure consultation that we’ve been known to ask our clients.  Hopefully, this list gives you a few items to consider as you get ready for the meeting.

An effective patio enclosure consultation isn’t an interrogation. It’s a conversation. An experienced patio enclosure contractor will be happy to answer your queries. They will also have questions of their own, and that’s a good thing. After all, your answers will help them create and build the patio enclosure that you want. What is a contractor likely to ask you during a consultation?

How Do You Plan to Use the Patio Enclosure?

  • Are you seeking a quiet refuge or eager to use your screen enclosure to entertain?
  • Will it be a place to dine?
  • Who will use it?
  • Are children or pets likely to be frequent visitors to the space?

Understanding how you plan to use the enclosure allows a contractor to make helpful suggestions regarding the size and placement of the enclosure, the type of materials used to build it, and the features that might make it more comfortable.

Where Will the Patio Enclosure Go?

  • Is the enclosure that you’re dreaming of attached to your home or freestanding?
  • How large will it be?
  • Are you planning to enclose an existing patio? If so, is the existing patio under the roofline?
  • If you have an existing patio under the roofline, do you want to extend it further?  (yes, that’s an option)  See this article.  How A Patio Extension Screen Enclosure Can Increase Your Living Space

To create an effective design and an accurate estimate of its cost, the contractor will need to assess and measure the proposed location.

How Do You Visualize your Patio Enclosure?

Even the most talented contractor cannot build your ideal patio enclosure without first learning what you want. Be prepared to discuss what you like and what you don’t. During a patio enclosure consultation, contractors often bring pictures and samples to make it easier to determine what styles, materials and features suit your personal tastes.  Of course, feel free to show them photos you’ve also found online.

What Are Your Priorities?

  • Are you concerned about energy efficiency?
  • What about privacy?
  • Are low-maintenance materials a plus in your book?
  • Is electricity a necessity?

Exploring what matters most to you gives your contractor a clearer picture of your needs.

How Much Are You Planning to Spend?
Discussing your budget may not be as much fun as exploring design possibilities, but it’s a vital part of the patio enclosure consultation. When you share how much you’re willing to spend, your contractor can give you a realistic idea of what type of enclosure you can afford. More importantly, they can use their expertise to help you get the most value for your dollar.

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