Top 7 Tips When Building a Sunroom Addition

Top 7 Tips When Building a Sunroom Addition

If you’re interested in a sunroom addition, then you probably realize that these popular features are an excellent way to bring the beauty of the outdoors inside, gain more living space and add value to your home. What do you need to think about before building one? These seven tips can help you stay on track when building a sunroom addition.

1. Choose Your Contractor Carefully
Sunrooms might seem like simplistic structures, but they aren’t all created equal. A top-notch sunroom will be a good fit for your needs that is built to last. To get that, you’ll want to hire a reputable contractor. Choose a sunroom contractor with the expertise and resources to handle everything from design and permitting to construction and inspections.

2. Make the Consultation Count
It’s quick and convenient to get a quote over the phone. It’s also a bad idea. When you’re building a sunroom, there are many factors to consider. When building an addition to your home that truly meets your needs and an accurate estimate of its cost, a sunroom contractor needs to see and measure your space. They also need a clear understanding of your goals and preferences.

3. Think About the Space
Can you enclose an existing porch or patio? This will significantly reduce the cost. On the other hand, starting fresh offers more flexibility in size and location. As you think about your new space, consider how adding a sunroom will impact the traffic flow through your home and your yard. How many people do you need to accommodate?  Will there be multiple seating areas?  Don’t worry; your design consultant will help you answer these questions.

4. Customize the Design
With a custom sunroom addition, you can think outside of the box. What floorplan will make the best use of the space? What look will enhance the appearance of your home? When it comes to the roof style, do you prefer a simple slope, a graceful gable or something more distinctive? What colors, textures and lines will suit your tastes and your existing architecture?

5. Select the Right Building Blocks
What building blocks should be used to construct your new sunroom? For the structure’s frame, would you prefer the natural beauty and familiarity of wood? Does the wide range of design options, inherent sturdiness and low-maintenance nature of aluminum make it a better choice? What about the windows? After all, they’re a defining feature of any sunroom. Which screen will let in fresh air while keeping out bugs and debris? Should you opt for glass windows in vinyl frames? Would Florida glass offer the perfect mix of privacy, durability and affordability? What about the hardware for the windows and doors? Which options will offer smooth operation and reliability?

6. Plan for Special Features
Little touches can make a big difference, so it’s best to incorporate them in the design. Would a ceiling fan or lights make the space more comfortable? What needs to happen to safely and effectively integrate electrical outlets in your patio sunroom? What other special features would make the space more energy-efficient or appealing? If you want to add a ceiling fan in a patio enclosure, remember to notify your patio contractor before construction begins. They will need to include fan beam in the aluminum roof for added support of wiring and fan weight.

7. Know Your Budget
What about the cost of a sunroom? How you can get the most bang for your budget? After all, price and value aren’t the same things. Spending a little more upfront to secure quality materials and craftsmanship can deliver substantial savings over the long term. Creating a wish list of all the features you’d love in your new sunroom addition is fun, but sometimes the budget gets in the way.  Let our experienced team of design consultants help you determine what is necessary and what can wait.

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