Top 7 Reasons Why Dulando loves Perma-Wood Patio Covers

Top 7 Reasons Why Dulando loves Perma-Wood Patio Covers

At Dulando Screen & Awning, we thrive on delighting our customers by delivering both amazing quality and great value. That’s why we love Perma-Wood patio covers. Perma-Wood provides the best features of wood, vinyl and aluminum in a single material, so you can enjoy the advantages of all three. What makes the Perma-Wood patio cover such a smart choice? Check out these seven reasons to choose Perma-Wood patio covers over other patio materials.

Why Build a Patio Cover

1. It’s Attractive.
When constructing a patio shade cover, people often opt for wood because they like the natural beauty of wood. With a richly textured finish that mimics cedar wood grain, Perma-Wood is engineered to look and feel like wood. Plus, it’s highly customizable. You can choose from a wide array of colors and various styles of rafters and end cuts.

2. It’s Durable.
Aluminum is a popular choice with manufacturers of a wide array of products because it is both lightweight and strong. Perma-Wood is too. A Perma-Wood pergola won’t have any trouble withstanding Florida’s high winds, strong sun and steamy humidity. Unlike wood or vinyl, minimal maintenance is all that’s necessary to keep this kind of shade structure looking good.

3. It Never Needs Painting.
Wood requires regular repainting or treating and vinyl is prone to fading. In contrast, Perma-Wood is finished with the Aluma-shield paint system. It delivers long-term gloss retention and resists fading, chipping or cracking, so you’ll never need to break out the paintbrush.

Perma-Wood Patio Covers come in these amazing colors:

Perma-Wood Color Options

4. It Won’t Rot, Warp or Split.
Without substantial upkeep, wood doesn’t fare well against the elements. Heat and humidity will cause it to rot, warp, split and crack. Perma-Wood doesn’t have that problem. Wind, rain and strong sun won’t faze it, so you can spend less time working on your patio cover and more time relaxing underneath it.

5. It Resists Corrosion.
What about rust? Salt air and high humidity are notorious for fueling rust, but there’s no need to worry about corrosion if you have an Perma-Wood Pergola. Perma-Wood isn’t particularly susceptible to damage from water and resists corrosion well.

6. It Won’t Fall Victim to Termites.
Even the thought of termites is enough to make many homeowners shudder, and it’s with good reason. These destructive pests can literally eat a wooden structure from the inside out. Fortunately, your Perma-Wood patio cover won’t fall victim to termites or other wood-destroying insects. After all, it may look and feel like wood, but it’s made of aluminum.

7. It Keeps Your Patio Cooler.
Standard aluminum lattice patio covers help block the direct rays of the sun. However, they still absorb solar heat and can transfer it to the space below, making it uncomfortably toasty. Perma-Wood resists the transfer of heat, so your patio stays cooler and more comfortable.

If you’re looking for a roof for your patio, Perma-Wood patio covers offer the perfect blend of beauty, practicality and value. As you can tell, we are a huge fan of using Perma-Wood for patio covers and shade structures. Perma-Wood is a product we can stand behind because our customers absolutely love it.

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