Top 5 Reasons to Use Structall Aluminum Screen Enclosure Materials

Top 5 Reasons to Use Structall Aluminum Screen Enclosure Materials

Not all screen enclosure contractors use the same quality materials for their projects. DuLANDO only does business with the best, which is why we are proud partners with Structall Building Systems, the leading manufacturer of structural insulated panels. Insulated aluminum panels serve as the perfect roof to protect your patio, pool or deck enclosure from precipitation while retaining heat during the winter and blocking the sun’s rays during the summer. Here are just a few of the many advantages to using Structall’s premium quality aluminum insulated roof panels.

Structall Aluminum Panels are Environmentally Friendly
As the planet’s most plentiful metal, aluminum is easily extracted from the earth’s crust and is even easier to recycle. In fact, two-thirds of all aluminum ever produced is still being used today! In addition to being corrosion-resistant and nonmagnetic, aluminum is also nontoxic, so you don’t have to worry about your new roof polluting the earth in centuries to come.

Structall Aluminum Panels are Durable
Thanks to its durability, aluminum is used in spacecrafts and research bases located in harsh climates like Antarctica. Aluminum has a natural oxide coating that prevents degradation from water, air, salt and volatile temperatures. Unlike wood, aluminum isn’t vulnerable to Florida’s many pests like termites and carpenter ants. All of Structall’s products undergo multiple quality control checkpoints to ensure proper alignment, lamination, and finish quality before they leave the distribution center. Their insulated roof panels also serve as an effective sound buffer against Florida’s notorious summer rain.

Structall Aluminum is Guaranteed
All Structall panels come with a warranty to protect your investment. Thanks to the panels’ strong racking and shear, they can meet all local wind code requirements. Their panels have survived some of the strongest storms in U.S. history including hurricanes Katrina and Hugo. With 28 years of manufacturing excellence, Structall is the most trusted brand name for building panels in the Southeast U.S.
Structall panels are strong
With an innovative panel design, Structall developed the Snap-N-Lock Insulated Panel which combines the efficiency of foam core building panels with a unique, patented join design that adds strength to walls and roof of your patio structure. Read more about our Structall Building System.

Structall Offers Options
Structall’s massive catalog contains panels that fit the architectural style of any building. You can even add vinyl siding and shingles to make your enclosure truly look like a seamless extension of your home; however, the baked enamel finish is aesthetically pleasing by itself.

Thanks to our long standing relationship with Structall, we are able to provide fast and efficient service so you can start enjoying your new enclosure or sun room as soon as possible. If you’re ready to expand your living space by embracing the outdoors, call DuLANDO at 407-862-6060 for a free in-home estimate today.

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