Top 5 Pool Enclosure Options When Building a Swimming Pool Enclosure

Top 5 Pool Enclosure Options When Building a Swimming Pool Enclosure

If your backyard is home to a swimming pool but doesn’t yet have a screen enclosure, this should give you a good start when researching pool enclosure options. A screened pool enclosure not only improves the aesthetics, functionality and safety of any pool, but each enclosure can be as unique as your home. Consider some of the most common pool enclosure options before hiring a contractor to install a cookie-cutter enclosure around your pool.

Most Important Pool Enclosure Options

1. Framing for Durability
Technically, you could have the frame for your screened in pool enclosure built out of almost any material, but aluminum is better than all the pool enclosure options, especially in Florida. Aluminum is stronger and lighter than wood, and since it will never rot, an aluminum frame will stand the test of time. This metal is also more resistant to corrosion than steel, even if the steel has been treated with corrosion-resistant coatings. In the humid environment around your pool, aluminum’s natural resistance to corrosion is key for a long-lasting pool screen enclosure that won’t unexpectedly fail.

2. High-Quality Screens
An aluminum pool enclosure may have a sturdy frame, but any screened enclosure is only as good as the screens that are installed.  Dulando Screen & Awning only uses Phifer screens.  Phifer screens provide the best quality for your screen pool enclosure, and the Phifer offers a wide range of screens depending on your needs. Solar Insect Screens, for example, feature a tightly woven mesh that keeps small bugs out of your pool, reducing the impact of annoying bugs on your pool experience.  Phifer Pet Screen is ideal for households with pets or small kids.  The screen is 4x tougher and can withstand pet paws and small children running into the screen.

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3. Roofing Options
You can choose between several different designs for your pool enclosure roof. Although the choice of a roof is partially aesthetic, your roofing choices can impact both the structural integrity and the final pool enclosure cost. Mansard roofs, for example, offer a tall and open design, giving your screened in pool enclosure a spacious feeling. Hip roofs enhance the height of your enclosure and withstand high winds better than most types of roofs. Dome roofs are more difficult to construct and combine many of the best features of mansard and hip roofs. Gable roofs are one of the cheaper types of roofs to construct and blend nicely with the gable roofs already gracing many Florida homes.

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4. Architectural Choices
Any screen pool enclosure can be built attached to your home or as a free-standing enclosure. When consulting with your contractor, you’ll need to decide which pool enclosure options are best for you. Attached pool enclosures are often less expensive to construct. However, an attached enclosure may clash with the design of your home, and you may need to opt for a free-standing enclosure if your pool isn’t close to your home.

5. Quality Contractors Provide Warranty Coverage
The most important choice you’ll need to make about your pool screen enclosure is choosing the contractor to build it. Experienced and reputable contractors may sometimes be more expensive than start-up operations, but you can rest easy knowing that your enclosure will be built correctly the first time. Additionally, established pool enclosure contractors will not cut corners with subpar materials, allowing them to warranty their work to protect you in the unlikely event that something does fail.

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There you have the list of pool enclosure options when shopping for a new swimming pool enclosure.  With over 50 years of experience, Dulando Screen & Awning is one of the most experienced pool enclosure contractors in Florida. If your home needs a swimming pool screen enclosure, trust the advice of your friends and neighbors and give us a call today at 407-862-6060 or fill out the form online.  One of our design consultants will contact you.

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