Top 4 Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Pool Enclosure

Top 4 Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Pool Enclosure

You already know that building a pool enclosure can enhance your pool area and your outdoor living space. A well-designed swimming pool screen enclosure can make your pool area more comfortable, reduce maintenance demands and add value to your property. Unfortunately, there are also some pitfalls if you’re not careful. A shoddy, poorly designed enclosure will add nothing but headaches and hassles to your days. Therefore, how do you ensure that you’ll be delighted with your new pool enclosure? For starters, avoid these common mistakes.

Be Careful When Building a Pool Enclosure

Not Respecting Your Budget
When it comes to pool screen enclosure cost, sticking to your budget isn’t being miserly. It’s being responsible. An experienced pool enclosure contractor won’t flinch when faced with a budget. We understand that most homeowners don’t have an unlimited budget when building a pool enclosure. Therefore, we’ll work with you to find a solution that works for your space, your needs and your wallet.

Focusing Solely on the Project’s Price Tag
While the initial cost of your new pool screen enclosure is important, it should never be your top priority. Here are a few items that might cost a little more:

  • Working with an experienced contractor may cost a little more than working with an inexperienced contractor, but it is generally money well spent. You’ll end up with a better pool enclosure, better customer experience and more value overall.
  • Opting for a custom pool enclosure that is designed for your space allows you to make the best use of your space.
  • Working with a knowledgeable professional reduces your stress. It also builds confidence in your choices and their results.
  • Lastly, spending a little more upfront for quality materials and systems often leads to greater durability and lower operating costs.

All of these can add up to substantial savings over time when building a pool enclosure.

Not Considering the Environment
Florida may be famous for its humid warmth and sunny skies, but the weather here isn’t always friendly. Strong storms and high winds are frequent visitors, so anything that is built in the Sunshine State must be built to withstand nature’s fury. That means pool enclosures must have the right materials and making smart design choices that meet or exceed the relevant State, County and City building codes.

Not Working With an Experienced Pool Enclosure Company
Why is it so important to choose an experienced pool enclosure company? Working with an established, reputable company ensures that they understand a wide range of options for building a pool enclosure and how to achieve your vision for your backyard. In short, you’ll receive what you pay for. An experienced pool enclosure company will have an abundance of resources and familiarization of different types of projects. It is vital that you choose a pool enclosure company that is meticulous about fabrication and installation. Essentially, they bring their experience to your project.

Dulando Screen & Awning has been serving the Orlando area, New Smyrna Beach and surrounding coastal areas for more than half a century. We know screen pool enclosures inside and out. We delight in walking our customers through the process of designing and installing a custom pool screen enclosure. Are you ready to improve your pool area with a screen enclosure? Contact us today at 407-862-6060 to explore the possibilities and schedule a free in-home design consultation.

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