Top 4 Factors Before You Build a Screen Enclosure

Top 4 Factors Before You Build a Screen Enclosure

Why are there so many sayings that caution people about the dangers of acting hastily? It’s simple. While it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new project, impulsively committing to the first thing that comes along is rarely the best solution. If you’re thinking about building a screened porch enclosure or a screened in pool enclosure, don’t just jump in with both feet.

Here are four factors that you’ll want to consider before you build a screen enclosure. Take a little time to do your homework and explore your options first.

1. Determine Your Budget
How much can you afford to spend on your outdoor screen enclosure? While figuring this out isn’t as much fun as selecting a design, it’s a necessary step. After all, your budget has an inevitable impact on your options. However, don’t fall into the trap of making cost the determining factor in your decisions. Going cheap can be an expensive mistake. Be sure to talk with your contractor; an experienced professional can help you strike a healthy balance between your desires and your resources, increasing the odds that you’ll get a screen room you love for a price you can afford. Read our blog post in determining the cost of a pool screen enclosure.

2. Choose Your Contractor
An experienced contractor is an invaluable ally. How do you select a patio contractor?

» Ask questions.

When vetting a contractor about a new screen room, inquire about their experience. Be specific; make sure that they have experience with the type of screen enclosure that you want. Choosing the right contractor is especially important if you’re building a screened in porch that will be attached to your home or constructing a swimming pool screen enclosure. Don’t forget to explore your options regarding materials, design and financing. Ask about references and be confident that you understand what the contractor is offering. Can they handle the whole job from start to finish? It will certainly make your life easier if they can. You can download our helpful guide for Hiring a Patio Contractor.

3. Create Your Design
Why do you want to build a screen enclosure? How will you use it? What style or look do you prefer? What size fits your purpose and your space? How does your proposed location impact the project? Determining the answers to these questions will guide you as you select a design for your screen enclosure. An experienced contractor can create a custom design and point you toward materials that provide the look you want and functionality you’ll appreciate.

4. Understand The Value of Quality
When working out the details of your screen room, be sure to evaluate the craftsmanship of the contractor and to explore the pros and cons of all proposed materials. While a meticulously constructed screen enclosure built with quality materials might cost a bit more initially, it will be a welcome addition that you’ll be able to enjoy for years. See our quality materials standard.

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