Tips for Preparing for your Screen Room

Creating a beautiful screen room can enhance your lifestyle and increase your home’s value. You and your family will love the lasting enjoyment of outdoor living.

We will have to turn your backyard or patio into a construction zone for a short period.  Therefore, we have these tips on helping you prepare for the process.

But, before a screen room can be enjoyed, it has to be built.

Don’t worry! Dulando Screen & Awning has helped clients just like you plan for these projects for almost 50 years.

1. Getting Ready for Your Screen Room Installation
After the design plans are selected, a Dulando representative will work with you to schedule the installation and go over project specifications. Once all documentation is reviewed we will then decide upon a forecasted start date.

Before we begin, you will want to consider the following items:

2. Preparing for the Project
We recommend discussing the project with your family. Screen room installations can be tough to deal with, particularly for kids and pets, especially if the backyard/patio area is normally a spot where they spend much of their time. We work hard to make sure the mess and noise level are contained for you, your family and your neighbors, but keep in mind this is a construction zone – no place for little hands or little paws.

Safety is our utmost importance for you, your family and our staff.

3. Taking Precautions
There are precautions that both our installers and our homeowners must take to ensure a project goes smoothly. The following instructions contain details about how to prepare your home and the project area.

  • Décor: Remove all pictures, mirrors, curtains, wall hangings, or any other objects of sentimental and/or monetary value from your patio area to protect them from potential damage.
  • Furniture: Move all of your outdoor furniture or cover it with protective plastic sheeting if it is on the patio or near construction areas.
  • Debris/Dust: We do our best to control debris and dust, but dust is hard to manage. We recommend using plastic sheeting to cover any furniture or plants where construction traffic is likely.
  • Home Security: Our installers need open access to the installation area. Please be sure to have gates and doors unlocked and disarm any security systems.
    Pets: We know you love and care for your family pets.  Please make arrangements to keep them indoors for the safety of your pet and our team members. Also relocate your pet’s food and water bowls to another section of your house at least a few days prior to the installation.  This will help to prevent them from becoming stressed or confused during the transition and to prevent dust or debris from falling into their bowls.
  • Outdoor Landscaping: If shrubs are designated to be saved, we will make every effort to protect them but we must have room to work. We strongly recommend that shrubs, ornamental floral and grass edging be significantly trimmed back or removed prior to installation.
  • Outdoor Power Outlets: Our team members need access to outdoor power outlets for some of the tools required for the installation, such as dry vacuums and power tools. Please be certain your outlets are in working order and alert our crew before they arrive if they will need to use an alternate power outlet in your garage or shed.

These tips were provided to help you prepare for a screen room installation.  We hope you’ve found them helpful.  If you have not yet chosen a screen room contractor, please contact Dulando Screen & Awning at 407-862-6060.  We will send one of our in-home design consultants to meet with you and answer all your questions.

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