Tips for Building a Custom Commercial Pergola or Shade Structure

Tips for Building a Custom Commercial Pergola or Shade Structure

Adding a shade structure is a smart strategy when you’re ready to enhance your commercial property. A commercial pergola is ideal for restaurants, multi-family housing, outdoor employee areas and common areas. Since a custom pergola is considered non-essential, how do you maximize the return on your investment? These three tips for building a custom commercial pergola will help.

Commercial Pergola Tips

Tip 1: Design Intentionally
A pergola’s simplicity gives it fantastic flexibility. It’s no wonder that this popular shade structure is utilized for a wide array of purposes.

  • Custom commercial pergolas can provide additional dining space at restaurants.
  • A commercial pergola is the perfect breezy retreat on the grounds of resorts and multi-family housing complexes. Not only do they look inviting, but they also offer shelter from the sun.
  • We’ve built these shade structures at multi-family pool areas, parks and public areas to serve as gathering spaces for guests.
  • They can provide room for employee-only spaces.
  • These structures can even stretch over parking areas to protect commuters and vehicles from the elements.

Being intentional about the custom pergola design is critical with so many possible purposes. Consider how you intend to use the new shade structure. Think about its impact on your property’s appearance. Also, consider traffic flow to make wise use of the available space.

Tip 2: Select Materials Wisely
When building a commercial shade structure, the materials you choose will impact your project’s price tag. As always, it’s essential to be smart about this additional investment in your business. Therefore, the quality of materials should also be a factor. If value is your goal, price shouldn’t be the determining factor in your selection. After all, the materials that make up your commercial pergola will also affect its durability and need for maintenance. Over time, a quality shade structure with a longer lifespan and minimal maintenance is often a better investment.

While Florida is famous for its sunny skies, this area is also prone to high humidity, intense storms and fierce winds. Not every building material can tolerate these conditions. If you want the rich look of wood without the continual upkeep, consider Perma-Wood. This innovative material combines the durability of aluminum with the beauty of cedar. It won’t crack, peel, warp, rot, burn or fall victim to termites. Meticulously crafted with an eye toward quality and innovation, it comes in various colors and styles and requires little maintenance to look amazing.

Tip 3: Choose the Right Commercial Contractor
Commercial pergolas may seem like simple structures but working with an experienced commercial contractor is still essential. A reputable contractor who regularly builds custom shade structures can offer invaluable insights. You’re not only buying the pergola; you are also buying the experience.

An experienced commercial patio contractor will guide you toward your pergola design’s optimal design and materials. A local pergola contractor will produce a quality product that meets all the required building codes and regulations. You’ll get a solid return on your investment that will add value and functionality to your property.

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