Three Popular Roof Styles for Your New Sunroom

Three Popular Roof Styles for Your New Sunroom

When building a sunroom, you can either build the new structure under your roof line or behind the home. If you build a sunroom as an extension of your home, it will need a roof. Here are a few options to draw out what type of roof you might like for your new sunroom.

1. Your Existing Porch Roof
If you build a sunroom under the current roofline, then you won’t have to start from scratch. Make the most of what’s already there by enclosing a covered porch or breezeway. Keep it easy on the budget with a simple, screened-in effect, or upgrade the area to full sunroom status with glass and vinyl enclosures. Most clients explore the difference between screen and vinyl windows.

Enclosing an existing patio area into a new sunroom also opens up surprising design opportunities. Extend shaded comfort with awnings from exterior eaves or let in more light with gable transoms. Half-wall and window combinations work very well with existing porch and roof structures too.

new sunroom2. A Simple, Single Slope
If your patio is not under the existing roofline, then a new patio must be built. One of the most popular roof styles for a sunroom is a simple, single slope roof. A single slope roof offers maximum strength and stability.

But these aren’t the only reasons to love this roof style. The single slope stands out as an economical choice too. Its single pitch slopes away from the house with clean, contemporary lines at an angle height that is up to you and your contractor. While two-story homes can accommodate a steep slant, the most popular pitch is still the studio roof with its modest slope.

2. The Traditionally Elegant Gable
new sunroomLike its single slope cousin, this roof style works with screened-in and glass-paned sunrooms. Its double-paneled design with center-beam support typically runs perpendicular to your home’s exterior.

If the goal is to create a new sunroom in an A-frame form that blends beautifully with traditional architectural lines, then you definitely want the gable-style roof.  You can modify the exterior gabled area with transom windows, decorative trim work or extensions of the sunroom’s framing. If you want to relax under a cathedral ceiling, make this your roof style of choice.

Usually, the next step is to determine the price of a patio sunroom. Here are some price factors of building a sunroom.

When you picture the perfect roofing style crowning your new sunroom, things really start to look up. We enjoy transforming your ideas into real plans and solid construction. If you’d like more information about our process and free in-home consultations, just give us a call today at 407-862-6060.

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