Things to Consider When Building a Patio

Things to Consider When Building a Patio

Building a patio is a marvelous way to enhance your outdoor living space. It can increase the functionality of your outdoor living space, adds value to your property and gives you a chance to show off your personal style.

There is a wide range of options to choose from, so there are several things to think about as you begin building a patio enclosure.

How will you use your patio?
Picture yourself putting your patio to good use. What are you doing? Screened patios can be places to entertain guests or relax alone while you savor a cup of coffee and a beautiful sunrise. They can offer the adults a spot to sit while supervising the kids playing in the backyard. They can even serve as an outdoor kitchen. When building a patio, keep the intended use of your patio in mind as you make decisions about building it so that the final product will be suitable for your plans.

What features should your patio have?
Do you want to enjoy your patio without worrying about bugs or blowing debris ruining your fun? In that case, consider building a patio enclosure. An affordable way to protect your patio, gain additional privacy and increase your property’s value, a patio screen enclosure can turn your patio into an outdoor room that the whole family will enjoy. Do you want to use your patio in the evening? Lighting should be a part of your plans. Will you be cooking outdoors? If so, you may want to research the possibilities of incorporating an outdoor kitchen into your new patio.  The possibilities are endless.

What materials do you prefer?

  • Patio deck materials – The materials used in your screened-in patio affect its look and have a major impact on the amount of maintenance required. A concrete slab is an inexpensive option when building a patio; however, brick pavers offer a classic look, and concrete pavers deliver a lot of design flexibility.
  • Types of patio screens – When it comes to patio screen enclosures; the screen you choose can make a big difference in the final product. The array of screen products available is amazing. Some offer extra durability, making them a smart choice for people with children or pets. Other types of screens provide protection from the sun or extra privacy. Check out the many types of Phifer screen products when building a patio enclosure.  Also, if you’re concerned about controlling access to your new patio, a screened enclosure with locking doors might be the perfect solution.

Where will your patio be located?
Building a patio enclosure is a permanent fixture in your home, so it makes sense to choose the location of your new patio carefully. Do you want something just off your house? Where would you get the best view? Should you pick a sunny spot or one with more shade? What about privacy? If either shade or privacy was difficult to come by, a screened enclosure could be a clever way to provide both.

Dulando Screen and Awning is your patio screen enclosure, expert. Serving customers throughout central Florida for more than 50 years, we delight in helping our clients create their ideal outdoor living space with custom patio screen enclosures. Let our knowledgeable team show you how you can get the most out of your patio. To learn more or request your free estimate, contact us today at 407-862-6060.

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