The Seven P’s of Building a Patio

The Seven P’s of Building a Patio

Are you intrigued by the possibilities a backyard patio offers but not sure where to start? If you spend a little time contemplating the seven P’s of building a patio, you’ll be ready to approach patio installation with confidence.

Purpose of Building a Patio

What purpose do you intend to use your patio for? Are you envisioning a private sanctuary or a place to entertain? Will it be a spot to relax while supervising the children or your favorite place to grill up the evening meal? Or will it serve as all of the above? How will you use your enclosed space? With so many options to consider, it’s best to let the way that you hope to use your patio guide you as you plan its installation.

Placement of your Patio

You can’t just pick it up and move it, so it’s crucial to put some thought into where to locate your new patio. How close should it be to the house? What about plumbing, septic and utility lines? How will the patio impact your landscaping? Is privacy a concern? What about the weather? While existing structures like your home or garage can offer some additional shelter, you also have the option of building a patio enclosure. This can be especially handy if a different location offers a more appealing view, more convenience or a better traffic pattern.

Proportions – Patio Size

Size matters. Your patio size will affect both the cost of your patio enclosure and the functionality of your patio. Consider your budget for your new patio enclosure and how much room you need in order to be able to use the space the way you want to. One way to help figure out the proportions is to decide the purpose of the room.

Patio Materials

There is a wide range of materials to choose from when building a patio. Do you want a concrete pad or would you prefer pavers made from brick, concrete or natural stone? Here’s an article on how to choose which patio pavers work best for you. When building a patio, do you want the natural look of wood or the easy maintenance and clean lines of aluminum? Even patio screening comes in a variety of options, with some choices offering bonuses like additional privacy, sun protection or extra durability.

Panache is King

An outdoor patio offers a fabulous opportunity to show off your style. When building a patio, keep the look you want in mind as you choose materials, colors, landscaping, lighting and other features.

Price – To Splurge or Not to Splurge

Of course, building a patio will come at a price.  But you do have a fair amount of control over the final cost of a patio enclosure. The size of the patio, the materials you elect to use and the features you select will all impact the project’s price tag. A patio contractor can offer invaluable insight that will help you balance your desires and budget, potentially saving you time and money. If your budget won’t stretch to include everything on your wish list, they can also help you determine what must be done immediately and what can be added on at a later date.

Preparation is Key

Building a patio does take time and effort, so it’s important to talk with your patio installer so that you’ll be prepared for the minor disruptions that will likely accompany the installation. Your installer should be able to give you a timeline for your project, including the expected start and end dates. Here’s a handy guide as you prepare for a new patio (even though the article is written for a pool enclosure, the concept is still the same)

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