The Most Popular Sunroom Roof Types and Their Advantages

The Most Popular Sunroom Roof Types and Their Advantages

Living in Florida means you must have a Sunroom or a Florida Room, right? It’s undeniable that so many homeowners want to add a sunroom to their home. The benefits are endless. But there are also so many decisions to make such as the size, windows and the roof. After all, the roof will have a major impact on the look of your sunroom and the way that it fits in with the rest of your home. When choosing a roof for your sunroom, you want to consider the look and feel, but energy efficiency and maintenance are also considerations. Therefore, we’ve put together a list of the most popular sunroom roof types and the advantages they offer.

Gable Roof
A gable roof is a familiar sight. It features two panels that gently slant down from a central ridge. It is sometimes called an A-frame or pitched roof. The reason why gable roofs are such a popular choice when building a sunroom is it blends well with most home roof styles. A gable sunroom is generally placed so that the roof’s central ridge is perpendicular to the main house. It’s a timeless look that sheds water and debris with ease. It also provides plenty of room inside for those who want a soaring cathedral ceiling.

Single-slope Roof
As its name implies, a single-slope roof consists of one plane that’s attached to the building at its highest point and slopes down from there. You may also hear it called a studio roof or shed roof. It’s a simple, affordable style that offers strong, clean lines. It also works well with many different architectural styles because it doesn’t compete with any other roof styles on your home.

Existing Roof
What if the porch, patio or breezeway that you want to enclose already is under your existing roofline? By enclosing a patio into a sunroom under the same footprint of your existing roofline, it could help you keep the cost down. However, if you’re increasing the size of the room or changing the shape of the room, you may need to extend the roof.

Structall Aluminum Roofs from Dulando
At Dulando Screen & Awning, we insist on quality. That’s why we use Structall’s Snap-N-Lock Insulated Panels to deliver sunroom roofs that will stand the test of time. With metal skins over an energy-efficient polystyrene foam core interface and sealant encased in the joints to form a watertight seal, these aluminum roof panels are among the best sunroom roof materials. They work beautifully for all sunroom roof types. They go together quickly, reducing labor costs. Whether you want a gable roof or a single slope roof, Structall aluminum roofs can be configured to your design.

They also accommodate electrical features like skylights, additional electrical lights and fans.

Sunroom Roof Colors & Finishes
What about looks? Since most new sunroom roofs will be aluminum, you can go with the existing finish or top them off with siding or shingles. The choice is yours. These insulated aluminum panels will block the sun, helping to keep your sunroom cooler. They’ll also soften the sound of the rain, so your sunroom will be a more comfortable place to be. Maintenance is easy-peasy because aluminum roofing naturally resists termites and carpenter bees and does an excellent job of withstanding Florida’s strong sun and wild winds.

If craftsmanship, quality and value matter to you, reach out to Dulando Screen & Awning. Since 1968, we’ve built our reputation by designing and building custom patio screen enclosures and pool screen enclosures. To discover what we can create for you, schedule a free in-home design consultation today.

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