The Most Popular Sunroom FAQs From Customers

The Most Popular Sunroom FAQs From Customers

At Dulando Screen & Awning, we love sunrooms, and we delight in answering questions about building a sunroom. To make it easier for people who are interested in adding a Florida room to their home, we’ve gathered our most popular sunroom FAQs from customers in one spot.

Top Sunroom FAQs

Why Build a Sunroom?

Sunrooms offer numerous benefits. They provide more living space. They offer an affordable way to increase the value of your property. They also bring the beauty of the outdoors inside while leaving annoyances like bugs, pollen, debris, and nosy neighbors outside.

Is a Custom Sunroom a Better Choice?

If you’re handy, a sunroom kit may seem like a fun project. However, these kits are cookie-cutter products. They won’t necessarily make the best use of your space or offer all features that you want the way that a custom design will. You may also find the process of installing them more challenging than you expected. After all, you’ll have to deal with both the mix of materials and tools and matters like permits and other legal considerations.

How Do I Select a Sunroom Contractor?

When you’re looking for a sunroom contractor to design and build your new custom sunroom, you’ll want to do a bit of homework to select the right professional. Start by looking at reviews and asking for references to find a contractor with a solid reputation for getting the job done properly. When you have a list, verify their professionalism. Finally, check the quality of their work. Luckily, Dulando’s service area covers Volusia County from Daytona Beach, Port Orange and New Smyrna Beach as well as Seminole & Orange Counties.

What are my Roofing Options for a Sunroom?

When you’re building a sunroom, what kind of roof should top it? That depends on your preferences and the materials that make up the roof of your home. When it comes to styles, gable and studio roofs are among the most popular. As for materials, aluminum is appreciated for its durability. Shingles are often preferred by homeowners who want their sunroom’s roof to match the rest of the house. Whether you live on the coast or the interior portions of central Florida, an aluminum roof is the best choice.

What Types of Sunroom Windows are Available?

Windows are essential in creating a sunroom’s open, airy feel, so you’ll want to use quality materials. The screens are a great place to start, and there are several options. Today’s screens can keep even the smallest pests out, ward off ultraviolet rays, improve privacy, and offer enhanced durability. You’ll simply need to keep your priorities in mind while selecting screening. What about the windows? One advantage of working with a reputable licensed contractor is that the windows they install will be properly up to code. That means that they’ll be rated for Florida’s famously windy weather.

What Factors Affect a Sunroom’s Price Tag?

Several things impact sunroom cost. These include its size, the materials used, and the way it connects to your home. The legal requirements for your location and the features and amenities that you add will also influence the price.

Do you have more questions about sunrooms? Ask us. Just give us a call at 407-862-6060.

If you’re ready to add a sunroom to your home, we hope these sunroom FAQs were helpful. If you want to discuss a project, we’d be delighted to hear from you. Reach out to Dulando Screen & Awning today. Remember, we cover most of Volusia County – especially the Port Orange and Edgewater areas as well as Seminole County & Orange County. From Orlando to Daytona Beach, we can help you build a sunroom!

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