The Great Debate: Aluminum Awning vs. Canvas Awning

The Great Debate: Aluminum Awning vs. Canvas Awning

Choosing the best patio aluminum awning comes down to more than cost; you should also consider efficiency and functionality.

A patio aluminum awning adds decoration to a home’s exterior and provides needed protection and shade. However, the debate continues about whether you should opt for canvas awnings instead. Both aluminum and canvas have their pros and cons, but you have to look past the material and consider equally important aspects, such as durability and maintenance.

Weighing the Overall Cost
Aluminum patio awnings provide a cost-efficient alternative to canvas awnings for several reasons. For one, canvas comes in a variety of fabric choices, which can increase the cost of a standard installation depending on which fabric you choose. Secondly, if you combine expensive fabric with the framing structure, you pay even more than if you chose patio and window aluminum awnings.

Averaging the Lifespan
With proper maintenance, everything from canvas patio coverings to door aluminum awnings can last nearly 20 years or more. Though canvas awnings come with varying warranties, these awnings often need replacing after five years in some cases. Aluminum is almost a set-it-and-forget-it type of installation since it requires little maintenance on your part.

Judging the Maintenance
The aluminum awning has the advantage here because its slick surface allows water to flow easily to the ground. Rainwater collects easier on canvas awnings and also creates a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Aluminum patio and window awnings require less maintenance, while canvas traps dirt, leaves, and other debris. You may also have to take down the canvas awning to wash it manually or protect it from high winds during a heavy storm.

Testing the Protection
Florida has its share of hurricanes and other severe storms, making choosing the best awning for hurricane protection is even more important. Aluminum offers protection in dangerous storms, as some awnings can fold down and cover the windows. Canvas awnings leave most of the window uncovered and provide no barrier against wind and flying debris. You must also take down any canvas retractable awnings during heavy storms to prevent damage to the canvas and its frame.

Taking in the Shade
The canvas versus aluminum debate ends here with the amount of shade each one offers. Canvas and aluminum offer plenty of shade over patios and windows, and both aluminum and canvas window awnings prevent excess light from seeping into a room. Door aluminum awnings shelter you from the rain as you enter your home, and canvas keeps rain out of the pergola. If you go with canvas awnings, you have to pick a darker fabric to create more shade, and darker fabric may cost more and attracts the sun.

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Ending the Debate Between Canvas and Aluminum Patio Awnings for Good
A patio aluminum awning not only requires less maintenance and costs less than their canvas counterparts; they also provide a new look and feel for your home. You can create a new outdoor room with an aluminum awning and have it look like an extension of the roof. You can also combine it with a screen enclosure to enjoy the outdoors in a sun-free, pest-free environment.

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