Types of Pergola Roofs for Florida Sun

Types of Pergola Roofs for Florida Sun

A pergola is a perfect pick when you want a backyard getaway with a mix of sun and shade. Pergola roofs can be freestanding or attached to your home. The traditional pergola may be crafted of wood with four posts and a lattice roof, but today’s pergolas aren’t afraid to try something new. It’s exciting to find a pergola with the mix of personality, style, and practicality that’s the right fit for you.

Types of Pergola Roof Options


A pergola lattice roof is the traditional style. It’s largely open to the sky and has a unique design. But it doesn’t really offer much protection from the sun.

Louvered Pergola

A pergola with a louvered roof is a clever twist on a classic. With the louvers open, you can savor the sensations of spaciousness that come with this structure’s conventionally airy ceiling. Close the louvers, and you have the shield of a solid roof.

Trellis Roof

Part of the joy of being outdoors is being surrounded by greenery, so why not put that greenery to use? Training greenery to serve as a living roof for pergolas is a time-tested tradition. Vines and climbing plants are popular choices for pergola trellis roofs.

Fabric or Canvas Pergola Roof

For an outdoor pergola with a roof, fabric or canvas can be a fantastic option. Some choose to weave strips of sailcloth or canvas through the bars, creating a permanent roof. Would you prefer a flexible option? Consider a retractable canopy. You’ll be able to have a roof when you want privacy, shade, or protection from a shower. When conditions are suitable, you can retract the canopy to view the sky.

Metal Pergola or Gazebo Roof

What if you want a pergola that has a solid roof? A metal roof is the answer. Aluminum works well in Florida’s climate. It resists corrosion and stands up to salt air and humidity well. Insulated panels can be an especially smart investment. They can offer refuge from the steamy Florida sun and keep the area below noticeably cooler.

Things to Consider About Pergola Roofs

Putting the right roof on your pergola can make the space more appealing, increase its functionality, and boost your property values. Of course, the right roof depends on you. When building a pergola, you’ll need to consider how you prefer to use the space, your requirements, and your budget. Connecting with a skilled pergola contractor to discuss design possibilities will help. They’ll encourage you to weigh several factors, including the following:

  • Durability
  • Design versatility
  • Weather resistance
  • Light transmission
  • Maintenance requirements

Dulando Screen & Awning delights in designing and constructing transformative pergola designs that enhance your outdoor living space and deliver style, comfort, and value. Our custom pergolas are crafted to fit your backyard using only the best materials. One of our favorite building materials is PermaWood. This composite material looks like wood, but it requires much less work. It won’t crack, warp, rot, burn, or provide a feast for termites. Discover why so many Floridians trust us for their pergola and screen room needs. Contact Dulando Screen & Awning today to schedule a no-obligation in-house consultation.

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