Pros and Cons of Pool Screen Enclosure Kits

Pros and Cons of Pool Screen Enclosure Kits

Are you tempted to take a chance on a pool screen enclosure kit? It’s understandable. After all, these popular enclosures seem like simple structures. How hard could it be to put one together from premanufactured pieces? Then, second thoughts give you pause. If it’s so easy, why do many Floridians turn to a professional pool enclosure contractor? Which approach is better: doing it yourself or hiring a pro? Reviewing the pros and cons of pool screen enclosure kits can help you decide.

The Pros of Pool Screen Enclosure Kits

Why consider using a kit to build your own DIY pool enclosure? Kits are associated with some advantages:

  • Price. Whenever you hire someone to provide a service, labor costs add to your bill. Building a pool screen enclosure yourself means that you don’t have to pay for someone else to do it. If all goes well, this could reduce the final price tag of the project.
  • Timing. Skilled contractors are in demand, so hiring someone can mean getting the job done on their schedule. If you do it yourself, then you don’t have to wait on someone else’s availability. You’re in charge of the timing.

The Cons of Pool Screen Enclosure Kits

Why do so many Floridians prefer to leave the job to a trusted pro? Kits do have cons:

  • Value. Cost and value are distinctly different. Using a kit may save you money upfront. However, bringing in a professional pool enclosure contractor often produces better value. A pro can offer expert advice about design, materials and products. Plus, they can deliver quality workmanship. The result is often a better enclosure and a better return on your investment. Especially if you ever sell your home.
  • Time. While you may have more control of the timing with a kit, you’ll invest many more hours in the project if you take a DIY approach. Time is precious, and yours has value. Consider how much it’s worth when deciding which path to take.
  • Safety. You may be able to put together a tool kit, but should you? Do you have the skills and tools to do the job correctly? Can you complete it safely? Remember that you’ll be working around a pool, which makes installation tricky. What about when the job is done? Any mistake in the installation could turn the enclosure into a hazard to those using the pool. Are you confident that the swimming pool enclosure will be solid and safe? Please consider safety during and after the build.
  • Quality. A reputable contractor designs and installs enclosures that are built to withstand Florida’s rough weather that sometimes rocks the Sunshine State, and many offer guarantees or warranties. Not all kits are intended for stormy weather, especially hurricane-force winds. Make sure they offer the same level of protection according to Florida building laws. Remember, these pool screen enclosure kits will still need to pass inspection.
  • Selection. There are plenty of pool screen enclosure kits to choose from. However, top pool enclosure contractors can customize their products. They’ll work with you to design a screen enclosure that fits your pool area, your home’s style, your preferences and your budget. Therefore, the options are limitless.

If you’re considering a pool enclosure kit, please make sure to weigh the pros and the cons. In the meantime, Dulando Screen & Awning, has been providing our fellow Floridians with custom screen pool enclosures for half a century. Let us show you the difference that working with an expert makes. Contact us today at 407-862-6060 to request a free in-home design consultation.

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