Building a Screen Enclosure – Understanding the Basics

Building a Screen Enclosure – Understanding the Basics

Building a screen enclosure also adds resale value to your home and acts almost like an extension of your patio while providing a separate room in which to enjoy and gather with friends and family. There are many types of pool screen enclosures to choose from. You can choose from traditional screened enclosures, vinyl or acrylic enclosure depending on the exact look and functionality you want.

Understanding the Basics of Building a Screen Enclosure

When it comes to building a screen enclosure, you have to factor in the following:

  • the costs
  • the screen type
  • the materials
  • the contractor

Of course, the cost is affected by all the other factors. Everything from the material used to the contractor hired affects the overall outcome and the final result. A smart option is to evaluate your space, decide on the type of enclosure and then finalize the process with your contractor. Of course, not all contractors have the experience that Dulando Screen & Awning has. Since we’ve been in business for over 50 years, you could say, we’ve “been there, done that.”

Evaluate Your Space

Is the pool located just off the patio, or is it farther out in the yard? Depending on its location, you can extend the enclosure off your home or have it as a standalone unit out in the yard. If you have a limited walking or gathering area, consider increasing the space around your pool before installing the enclosure, as you will have to pay to expand the enclosure later. Dulando can also help with your pool patio deck.

Choosing Your Screen

You want a pool or patio screen that not only endures the elements but also keeps out the smallest insects. Pool screens come in many different types and do everything from reducing solar heat gain to resisting mold and mildew. We use Phifer screen, which has a high mesh count for preventing insect invasions and reducing wind-blown debris. You can also choose pet screens that resist pet scratches, keeping your pets inside and unwanted animals outside.  Have you heard about the no see um screen?  Yep, we have that too.

Factor Your Overall Cost of a Screen Enclosure

So many things determine the total outdoor screen enclosure cost. From the type of material used to the size of the enclosure, the price can change with just a few modifications and style choices. On average, building a screen enclosure costs between $6,000 and $8,000, but it also varies depending on the design of your enclosure and any additional features you want.

What a Pool Screen Enclosure Can Do for You

Building a screen enclosure does more than keep the bugs out; it improves your property’s design. It adds to your home’s resale value. When you choose quality materials you get a structure that lasts for years and prevents bacteria growth and the damage caused by Florida’s heat and rain. The pool screen enclosure deters neighborhood children from wandering onto your property and using your pool without supervision or permission. It also prevents wildlife from damaging your pool area.

Choosing the Right Pool Screen Enclosure Contractor

Since it’s always a good time to build a pool screen enclosure in Florida, contractors will always be running specials and trying to entice you to sign on the dotted line.

Please beware of Quality Pool Enclosures at the Lowest Price! Not all pool screen enclosure contractors are created equal. Read our checklist and make sure you are working with a reputable contractor.

Of course, we welcome the opportunity to earn your business. We are happy to share our 50 years of references with you BEFORE you sign on the dotted line. Our design experts can help you maximize your pool screen enclosure to best compliment your home’s design and your budget.

Whether you want to turn down the summer heat or cut down on your pool maintenance costs, building a screen enclosure can make life easier for you and your wallet. Look to Dulando as your screen enclosure contractor who understands the need for having a well-built, well-designed enclosure for your pool. Give us a call today at 407-862-6060 to schedule a free no-obligation consultation.


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