Sunroom Kits vs Hiring a Professional Installation Company

Sunroom Kits vs Hiring a Professional Installation Company

The welcome addition of a sunroom to your Florida residence allows you to enjoy the natural light of a beautiful summer day without the heat, noise and pests. Although it’s possible to use sunroom kits to build your own sunroom, it’s important to understand the differences between a DIY sunroom kit approach and a professional sunroom installation. Making a choice should be easier once you take into account your own abilities and the complexity of the project.

Some sunroom kits are very basic and others might have a few more features, but at the end ot the day, they are a kit based on someone else’s vision of a sunroom.  Anything more complex than a kit will require more expertise than most homeowners possess. Here are a few items you’ll want to consider before making your decision.

Understanding Sunroom Kits

Sunroom Customization Options
If you choose to install your own sunroom using a kit, you’ll have to stay with the design parameters of the kit. Hiring a professional sunroom contractor, however, will let you choose any design you want. The contractor can offer sunroom plans that will complement the design aesthetics of your house and have the features your family needs in a sunroom. You’ll also have more freedom to choose materials for the project, allowing you to use materials usually not included sunroom kits, such as insect-proof screens.

The Permitting Process
The requirements for a permit for building a sunroom vary depending on your city, but many areas do require a permit to build a sunroom. If you choose to build your own sunroom, you’ll need to deal with the permit on your own. This process can be intimidating, especially if you’re new to it. If you opt to hire a professional team to build your sunroom, they will take care of the permitting for you.

Safety Concerns
Building a sunroom from a kit may eliminate some work for you, but you’ll still be responsible for all of the heavy lifting. If you’ve never tackled a DIY project beyond painting walls and replacing a bit of drywall, some of the sunroom kits might be more challenging than you anticipate. You’ll probably need some extra hands to help. If you must rely on inexperienced family members for assistance, it might be wise to rethink the idea to prevent anyone from getting injured. There will be lifting and installing of the walls, electrical work and installing windows.  The goal is always to keep everyone safe.

Managing a Timeline
Unless you have unlimited free time, building your own sunroom addition will require you to sacrifice time spent on other aspects of your life. If you work full-time, it may take several weekends to complete the project. Hiring a reliable sunroom contractor, however, will ensure that your project is done on schedule and won’t eat up any of your own free time.

Sunroom Prices
If you have a limited budget for a patio sunroom and have some experience with DIY projects, opting for a sunroom kit may be right for you. Using a kit and doing your own work means you won’t have to pay for labor. However, it’s important to remember that you get more than just labor when you hire a contractor. Saving up to have a professional team create your project will give you more return by allowing you to have a custom design that complements your home.

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