Why Smart Homeowners Use Phifer Solar Screens For Pool Enclosures

Why Smart Homeowners Use Phifer Solar Screens For Pool Enclosures

Although the Florida sunshine is beautiful, it can create a sweltering environment. When trying to have a relaxing day in your pool, you want to create a space that allows you to enjoy nature without the heat or being stressed by harmful UV rays. Many homeowners take advantage of solar screening for their pool screen enclosures. One of the best solar screen products is the Phifer Solar Screen. Here are the benefits of choosing Phifer Solar Screens for your pool screen enclosure.

Benefits of Phifer Solar Screens

Comfortable Temperature
Florida is known for its hot climate, but that does not mean you must die in the sun. Phifer Super Solar Screen is your protection from heat. The screen blocks 90 percent of the sun’s heat. This means that your pool environment will be cooler and will have enough ventilation to keep the area comfortable during the most extreme weather conditions. Phifer sunscreens are crafted from a unique vinyl-coated polyester, so temperatures will be lowered in the covered area.

Reduces Glare
The sun can be blinding, primarily as it reflects off of your pool’s water. With the SunTex shades, made from a heavy-duty shading fabric, up to 70 percent of the sun’s glare will be reduced. This means that you will no longer suffer headaches from squinting.  The sun not only damages our skin but can destroy fabrics.  The reduction in the sun’s rays with a solar screen for your aluminum pool enclosure will also protect your furniture against harmful sun rays.

Allows for Uninterrupted Views
Privacy is important when sunbathing, but not to the point where you sacrifice being able to bask in nature’s beauty. Phifer Super Solar Screen prevents people from being able to see you, but it allows you to enjoy your pool and the gorgeous outdoor setting. You will never need to worry that you are the center of attention in your neighborhood.

Enhances Your Decor
You may often be afraid that installing a solar screen along your pool enclosure will detract from your home’s exterior appeal. However, it is possible to purchase Phifer screens in a variety of colors. One of the many color options is sure to blend perfectly into your existing home decor.

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At Dulando Screen & Awning, we are proud to offer Phifer screen products. Phifer is a leader in screen products that help homeowners enjoy the fresh breezes that blow through your yard despite the sweltering Florida temperatures.

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All Phifer Solar Screens absorb heat and reflect glare, which creates a relaxing environment around your pool. The best part is that you retain your privacy without blocking yourself from the outdoors. For more information on screened pool enclosures, contact Dulando Screen & Awning at 407-862-6060.  We will send one of our design experts to your home for a free design consultation.

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