Small Backyard Patio Ideas

Small Backyard Patio Ideas

A small backyard area can feel like a deficit in a home, but using some creativity when planning your outdoor living space can transform an area that feels ordinary and too small into a place that friends and family instantly gravitate towards. Luckily, there is no shortage of small backyard patio ideas out there that can transform a space and make it incredibly inviting. Here are a few of our favorite small backyard patio ideas.

Install patio pavers to create a unique space in your backyard.
Today there are fantastic styles available in concrete pavers, and they come in a wide variety of shapes, colors and styles. Curved concrete stones are available today and concrete pavers are cut into squares and rectangles. Concrete pavers can also be stamped or stenciled to give them the look of stones at a fraction of the price. Be sure to allow enough space (about 20 to 25 square feet) for patio furniture to fit and for people to walk around when planning the area for the patio pavers.

Create a particular area by installing an aluminum pergola.
A pergola is a charming structure that can add an incredibly inviting feel to a small patio space. Gorgeous pergolas available from home and garden stores will transform a small space into something truly spectacular. Pergolas look great decorated with the garden pots and outdoor furniture you’ve acquired for your new space, and they look fantastic with climbing vines growing up and around the structure.  Because of the humid climate in Florida, we do recommend Perma-Wood when building a pergola.  You won’t regret it.

Small Backyard Patio Ideas that are Easy to Decorate

Plan a potted garden area.
Beautiful pots are available today in garden and specialty stores, and pots can be an easy way to create a lush garden with a minimum of hassle, even for those with a very “brown thumb.” Pots with classical detailing can add a natural feeling of elegance to a small patio, while flowers, grasses and fresh herbs in pots add an irresistible appeal.

Add fresh looks with outdoor furniture.
Carefully selected outdoor furniture can add a very appealing and inviting look to a small outdoor area. Furniture that can be assembled at home is very affordable these days, and by adding some colorful new outdoor pillows, you can have a designer look in a hurry.

Use outdoor lights for added sparkle.
An attractive outdoor patio can work as a sort of “outdoor living room,” when lights are added that make it seem like its own defined space. Sparkly little fairy lights are also an attractive detail for entertaining, and solar lights (which can be placed inside large pots) are a great way to light up the evenings while saving on power.

These are just a few small patio ideas to try for creating a very welcoming patio, even if it’s a smaller size. The truth is that any idea can be attractive and enjoyable, as long as you work with the space and stay open to creative inspiration.

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