Six Tips Before Building a Backyard Pergola

Six Tips Before Building a Backyard Pergola

A backyard pergola adds wonderful architectural accents to your landscape, and it’s affordable. Many homeowners use their pergola as a private getaway or an outdoor entertainment center. There are so many great reasons for building a backyard pergola. Like any home improvement project, there are several things to keep in mind before starting the process.

Building a Backyard Pergola: Six Pre-Planning Tips

Surprises can be fun, but you don’t want them popping up in the middle of your backyard project. If you’ve considered buying a kit or doing a DIY pergola, we’ve worked with those homeowners too. Our list outlines six tips for ensuring your outdoor pergola gets off to a perfect start.

1. Turn Ideas Into Blueprints
Before focusing on the details of your new backyard pergola, take a few steps back, and begin to picture what you’d like to build. This is a permanent addition to your property that increases its value, so partner with a reputable contractor. A professional makes it easier to translate your ideas into working blueprints.

2. Navigate Permits and Paperwork
Unless you’re planning a small structure, your backyard pergola needs permitting through your municipality’s building department. Different homeowners’ associations also enforce a variety of deed restrictions. Your contractor is an excellent resource for information about navigating permitting requirements and will either secure those permits for you or help you every step of the way.

3. Confirm Utility Layouts
As you decide on the ideal spot for building a backyard pergola, consider what might be buried underneath the ground. Confirm locations of electric, gas and water lines with the Florida page of the National Call 811 site. Before you start, knowing what’s under your land heads off potentially expensive problems.

4. Take a Good Look at the View
Do you want to enjoy summer shade without the scenery from a neighbor’s property? Are you partial to that spot under the oak tree even though it doesn’t face the pool? As you work with your contractor on overall pergola design, take a good look at the view before making a final decision about the location.

5. Choose the Right Materials
The building materials vary from inexpensive pressure-treated pine to high-end redwood and cedar when adding a pergola. Woods are naturally attractive, but aluminum and vinyl materials hold up much better in our Florida climate. We recommend Perma-Wood covers because it combines the good looks of wood with outstanding durability.

6. Make It Special
With an outdoor pergola, you create a quiet, personal space. If you enjoy entertaining, it becomes an extension of your hospitality. Whether you prefer trellised walls graced with vines or contemporary styling that complements the pool, let your pergola’s design reflect your backyard dreams. It’s your corner of the world, so make it unique.

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Planning the Perfect Start
Building a backyard pergola doesn’t have to be complicated. Our overview covers the basics, and we’re always here to answer your questions in detail. We bring over 50 years of experience to every job, so contact Dulando Screen & Awning at 407-862-6060 today. We’ll be happy to get your new pergola off to a perfect start.

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