Screen Enclosure Repair – DIY or Hire a Professional

Screen Enclosure Repair – DIY or Hire a Professional

Should I repair my own screen enclosure? Maybe not.

Completing a home project feels very rewarding. We should know; we finish home projects weekly, and every satisfactory job puts a smile on our faces. As the weather turns ripe for swimming, you may get an itch to complete a home project yourself when you notice holes or rips in your screen enclosure. Should you really attempt a pool or patio screen repair without professional assistance? We’re here to give you a few reasons why leaving screen enclosure repair to the professionals could save you time, money and a headache.

Rescreening Your Pool Enclosure

As you determine it’s time to repair your screen enclosure when holes appear, dirt collects in the mesh and the doors no longer open and close correctly. If you’re a regular do-it-yourselfer and fix random things around the house, you might think it sounds easy to replace a screen panel or repair the door hardware. However, even the most experienced professionals run into problems when repairing screens.

The Problem With DIY Screen Enclosure Repair

Reasons not to do your own screen enclosure repair:

Buy special tools: You can’t just use traditional household tools to repair a screen enclosure. You’ll need to buy tools from the hardware store and then understand how to use them to complete the job. If the repair proves to be too difficult to complete, then you’ve wasted money on tools that you’ll never use again.

Experience: Not having the skills to perform the job can turn a simple repair into a drawn-out process. Some people forget to evaluate the project before starting, which leads to problems. Even if you only have to replace a single panel, you’ll need to remove the old screen, measure the opening, purchase the correct material and have the right tools to install it. If you miss any of these steps, you’re set up for disappointment.

Replacing an entire screen enclosure requires even more work, from removing all of the old screens to prepping the enclosure and installing the new screens.

Safety: It could also be unsafe to work on a large screen enclosure yourself if you don’t have the proper ladders or walk boards.  You will need to perform work from high above; therefore, it’s imperative to have the proper equipment.  If you’ve never installed a screen before, it could take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days to complete the job.

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Why Choose Professional Screen Enclosure Installers?

Dulando has experience installing and repairing pool and patio screen enclosures. We understand the difficulties in making repairs and know how to approach a repair project in the simplest, most efficient way possible. Don’t spend unnecessary funds on tools and materials or risk your own safety while performing a pool screen repair. Let Dulando repair your screen enclosure so that you can sit back and enjoy lounging in the sun.

Because we offer very affordable rates for simple repairs, calling Dulando can save you time and money to spend on more important things. Contact us at 407-862-6060 or fill out our online estimate form.

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