Retractable Awnings

When you need a break from the Florida sunshine, retractable awnings effectively shade your outdoor space. Corradi awnings do it with stylish elegance, user-friendly design, and amazing engineering. These clever shade awnings perform seamlessly in both residential and commercial settings.

Features of Corradi’s Retractable Awnings

Corradi’s reputation as a master of shade systems comes from combining the best of Italian design and American manufacturing with its own spark of ingenuity. Its impressive selection of retractable awnings provides plenty of choices and appealing features.



An open-roll awning with a square bar attachment, the Klip delivers classic style and modern functionality. The dynamic arm tensioning system ensures the awning fabric always sits perfectly.


Klip Pod

A semi-cassette awning, the Klip pod’s design includes a protective case that protects the awning’s fabric when it’s not in use. When the awning is extended, there’s a softly rounded edge that enhances its profile’s sleekness.

Svet Retractable Awning


This open-roll awning can be made in widths up to 23 feet and depths up to 13.5 feet. Its movement, including its precise pitch, is within your command, thanks to the innovative technology of its aluminum arms and wireless remote.

shan Corradi shade awning


Shan’s compact box almost vanishes when it’s closed. Its sturdy aluminum arms offer an expansive cover. The Shan can be made in widths up to 23 feet and depths up to 13.5 feet while controlling the pitch.

Feng Corradi Shade Awning


The Feng takes awnings out of the box with an ingenious round cassette. Its revolutionary profile offers a unique design element. Other notable features include the option to add LED lighting.

Frame Corradi Shade Awning


The Frame redefines the awning. It eliminates the arms traditionally used to move the fabric cover, replacing them with a tensioned track. The track also serves as a frame. It can visually define your outdoor living space.

Benefits of a Retractable Patio Awning

Your retractable shade awnings will enjoy a long life as they are manufactured using the highest quality products. They provide numerous benefits:

  • Aesthetics: As custom products, these awnings are made to measure. They always fit your space perfectly. Several shades of aluminum and numerous fabrics are available. No matter your style preference, you’re sure to find the ideal look.
  • Convenience: Corradi’s awnings glide seamlessly into place thanks to smooth motors with the perfect amount of power. User-friendly remotes make controlling them effortless.
  • Protection: Corradi products come with several features designed to protect your investment. Low-maintenance aluminum resists corrosion. Weather-resistant fabric won’t fade in the sun and resists damage if exposed to harsh weather. Wind and rain sensors work to retract the awnings automatically if damaging weather is detected in the area.
  • Comfort: A retractable awning increases comfort by providing an escape from the hot sun. Both residential and commercial spaces will benefit by providing additional shade to enjoy the outdoor patios.
  • Value: A retractable sun shade is a desirable feature that boosts curb appeal and adds value to your property. The multiple colors available will allow you to match your exterior space or create a new space with a unique flair.
Feng Corradi Shade Awning - open
Feng Corradi Shade Awning - closed

Gallery of Retractable Awnings

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