Motorized Retractable Patio Screens

Florida is famous for its beautiful climate.  However, issues like steamy sunshine and biting insects can sometimes make enjoying your outdoor living spaces difficult. You could opt for a patio screen enclosure. After all, most screen enclosures offer relief from many common outdoor annoyances. But, they also place a barrier between you and the world outside, which can feel confining. What if you could have both the security of a screen enclosure and the freedom of openness in the same space? Then press a button or your smartphone and switch between the security of the screen and open air. We are here to make your dreams come true.  With motorized retractable patio screens from Dulando Screen & Awning, you can.

Benefits of Motorized Retractable Screen Enclosures:

  • Control. Enjoy being outside on your own terms. Close the motorized screen when you want privacy or protection from common outdoor annoyances. When you’re in the mood for a more open space, press the button and the screens tuck neatly away in an instant.
  • Convenience. Why wrestle with non-motorized retractable screens or roll up screens that you have to manually move? A motorized screen can even be linked into your home automation system.
  • Comfort. The ability to screen your space allows you to enjoy a shady spot that is sheltered, cooler and free of the irritation of insects.
  • Aesthetics. Motorized porch screens have unobtrusive frames that come in several colors, so it’s simple to select a look that suits your home. Their smooth operation also makes it easy to position the screen, so you can raise or lower them to the perfect point for your space at any given moment.
  • Security. Motorized garage door screens and other motorized screens that retract offer a valuable layer of protection. Spend less time worrying about the dangers posed by the sun’s rays or disease-carrying insects and more time enjoying your outdoor living space.

Features of Motorized Retractable Patio Screens:

  • Innovative MagnaTrack systems that self-adjust and self-correct for smooth, trouble-free operation.
  • Effective obstacle detection motors for enhanced safety.  Similar to the technology available for a garage door.
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel fasteners and extruded aluminum housings, tracks and weight bars for durability.
  • Attractive, low-maintenance powder-coated finishes that prevent bubbling, chipping or peeling paint.
Solar 95 retractable screen colors
  • Flexible sizing with the option to order screens up to 25 feet long and 16 feet tall.
  • Clever interfaces to support connection to a home automation system.

Motorized Retractable Patio Screen Gallery

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