Price Factors of Building a Sunroom or Florida Room

Price Factors of Building a Sunroom or Florida Room

When building a sunroom, a reasonable budget is usually at the top of the list. Price is a dilemma every shopper has faced. Whether you’re in the market for a power tool, clothing or an electronic device, you have to decide whether you want to purchase the budget model, the top-of-the-line version or something that falls between the two. Building a sunroom involves assessing quality and features, weighing your wants and needs, and balancing price and value.

Adding a sunroom to your home is no different. You’ll need to explore your options and identify your priorities. Understanding what factors affect the cost of building a sunroom can help you get a sunroom that you’ll love for a price that you can afford.

There are six main contributors to the cost of building a sunroom.

1. Size
A bigger sunroom requires more materials and more labor, so it’s no surprise that a larger sunroom is more expensive than a smaller one. Think about how you intend to use the space. How much room will you need? Bigger is not always better. It’s important to consider how you will use your new space and how it will fit in the back of your home.

2. Site Conditions
Where will you put your new sunroom? This decision may be more complicated than it first seems, and your choice significantly impacts the project’s price tag. Will you need a new door to provide access from the home? Will the location of windows, vents or your home’s utilities create difficulties? Will the sunroom roof tie into your existing roof? Will you need to remove a large tree in the backyard to make space for a new room addition to your home? It’s important to meet with a design consultant at your home to help understand the site conditions of your new sunroom.

3. Roofing
What kind of roof do you envision for your new sunroom? Are you enclosing an existing patio or porch, or will the sun room be an entirely new building, starting with the foundation? How will your new sunroom attach to your home? Are you planning to match your home’s roof? Would you prefer an aluminum roof if the new sunroom is not under your roof? What about adding skylights? They’ll add to the expense, but you may feel their light is worth it. Is energy efficiency a concern? Insulating the sunroom’s roof will add to the initial cost but will make the space more comfortable and is likely to provide savings on heating and cooling as time passes.

4. Windows
There are various ways to enclose your sunroom. Will you want screens that can let in the outside air while keeping bugs and debris out? Would you prefer the added privacy available with Florida glass? Would another type of window serve your purposes better?

5. Special Features
The unique features that can be incorporated into a sunroom are endless. Ceiling fans, radiant heat and lighting are on many homeowners’ lists. There’s also the décor to consider. This new space is an extension of your home and an excellent place to express your sense of style. If you want a ceiling fan in a patio enclosure, notify the patio contractor in advance. This way, they can incorporate a fan beam into the insulated roof for extra support and effectively conceal the wiring.

6. Your Sunroom Contractor
The contractor you choose to build a sunroom can significantly affect the cost. An experienced professional patio contractor can create a design that truly suits your needs, suggest the best materials and offer options you might not have considered. Their expertise can also help you dodge costly mistakes.

Building a sunroom is essentially adding a room to your home. You’ll have lots of decisions to make, and each one is likely to impact the sunroom’s price tag. Having an experienced professional guide you through the process is an excellent way to get the sunroom you want and the most value for your budget.

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