Pool Enclosure Installation – How to Prepare Your Backyard

Pool Enclosure Installation – How to Prepare Your Backyard

You’ve learned about the multitude of benefits that a pool screen enclosure offers, and you’re ready to take the plunge. What do you do now? Preparing your backyard for a pool enclosure installation takes a little time and effort, but it’s fairly easy to do. Just follow these five steps.

Pool Enclosure Installation

1. Talk with your pool enclosure salesman about what to expect.
While building a pool cage may be a novel experience for you, it’s not your pool screen installer’s first time. Let them guide you. Before any construction begins, talk with your installer and ask them to walk you through the entire pool screen enclosure process so that you’ll know what to expect. Solving any potential problems in the planning stage will save you time, money and frustration, so don’t hesitate to ask questions or raise concerns. Being certain that both you and your salesperson are clear on your respective responsibilities and expectations will up the odds of enjoying a smooth pool enclosure installation.

2. Choose your moment.
When is the best time to install a pool enclosure? That depends on you. Building a pool screen enclosure takes time, which means that your backyard will be a construction zone for at least a few days. Think about how and when you use your backyard and your pool, and plan accordingly. Is your tween planning on celebrating her birthday with a pool party? Do you have guests spending a week with you? Avoid scheduling conflicts by arranging the enclosure’s installation for a less hectic time.

3. Clear the way.
Your installer needs room to work. When getting ready to install a pool enclosure, clear the way by:

  • Removing lawn decorations and patio furniture from the work area.
  • Trimming your landscaping.
  • Checking that power outlets are accessible.
  • Ensuring that security systems are set to allow entry to your property.

4. Take steps to keep people, pets and your property safe.
Safety should always be a priority, and it’s important that you do your part to protect the people around you, your pets and your property. Notify your household and your neighbors about your new pool enclosure installation project and provide them with the information they need to stay safe. When installing a pool enclosure, make plans to keep small children and pets away from the work area. Move furnishings and breakables to a secure place outside of the construction zone. Construction is messy work, so you may want to consider covering things that you cannot move with plastic.

5. Keep in touch.
Communication is a crucial factor in solving almost any issue, so be sure to keep in touch with your pool enclosure installation company. While your pool cage is being built, be accessible if something unexpected occurs. If you have any concerns about the process, reach out to your pool enclosure company promptly.

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