Preparing to Build a Swimming Pool Screen Enclosure

Preparing to Build a Swimming Pool Screen Enclosure

Custom swimming pool enclosures come in an impressive array of shapes, sizes and styles. The possibilities are practically endless, so you can create a pool screen enclosure that’s ideal for your needs. It also means that you’ve got lots of decisions to make. How do you make the most of these opportunities without being overwhelmed by them? Turn to Dulando Screen & Awning. We’re happy to help you understand your options so that you can feel confident about your selections. When you’re preparing to build a swimming pool screen enclosure, these are a few of the decisions you’ll have to make as well as some steps you’ll need to take.

Steps When Building a Swimming Pool Screen Enclosure

Initial Preparation

Installing a screened pool enclosure means bringing in the materials, equipment and workforce needed to get the job done and providing them with room to work. Before any actual construction begins, you’ll need to clear away any furniture or landscaping plants that you want to save. Items that can’t be moved should be protected. It’s also wise to make sure the workers have a clear path to the site and access to electricity.

Land Matters

How large will your planned swimming pool screen enclosure be? Will its boundaries extend beyond your existing pool deck? If so, more than the surface prep of the site may be necessary. The land itself may need to be clear or leveled. As a result, plant life and other debris may need to be removed. If there is a slope on the property, that will also need to be leveled out.

A Sturdy Frame

With Florida’s steamy sunshine, hurricane-force winds and corrosive sea air, choosing quality materials is vital. Although better materials may add to your initial pool screen enclosure cost, they’ll generally pay off over time with increased durability and reduced maintenance requirements. What should you choose for the framing that forms the supportive skeleton of your pool enclosure? Wood and steel are familiar materials, but they’re not the best pick for a pool cage. Strong, lightweight and capable of resisting corrosion, aluminum is an ideal solution. As a bonus, it’s also attractive, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

What Lies Beneath

A concrete pool deck is functional, but what if you want something more appealing?  Pool deck pavers offer an affordable way to take what lies beneath your feet up a notch. With a multitude of colors and designs to choose from, pavers offer a stylish, safe surface. They’re also easy to maintain and repair.

Keep Pests Out

What are swimming pool enclosures without screens? Modern pool enclosure screen material is more than mesh and grids. Today’s screening products can offer protection from bugs, shield users against solar rays, and provide enhanced strength to withstand the antics of pets and children. When selecting the screens for your pool enclosure, choose a product that’s tailored to your needs.  See more about our pet screen.


Building codes and permitting processes are often treated as hassles. While fulfilling these legal requirements is an extra step, it’s one that helps to ensure that your new swimming pool screen enclosure is safe and becomes part of your existing home.  Dulando Screen & Awning handles all permitting, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Are you interested in building a pool enclosure? Serving Florida’s Orlando area and surrounding coastal cities, Dulando Screen & Awning is committed to providing superior screen enclosures. We blend excellent service with design expertise, top-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship to turn your backyard dreams into enclosures that you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come. Contact us today at 407-862-6060 to learn more.

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