Pool Screen Enclosure Replacement is not only for Storm Damage

Pool Screen Enclosure Replacement is not only for Storm Damage

Severe storms in the area include more than just hurricanes. When a severe storm rips through your community with high winds, heavy rains, or blowing debris, it can cause damage to your pool screen enclosure. If you have shredded screens or toppled trees, then a pool screen enclosure replacement is an easy decision. However, storm damage isn’t the only reason to consider a screen enclosure restoration.

Reasons for a Pool Screen Enclosure Replacement

Today’s screens are high-tech specialty fabrics that offer amazing durability and incredible features. These advances in screening have changed the way that damaged screens are restored. Of course, dealing with damage is just one reason to consider replacing your screens. There are several smart reasons to consider pool screen enclosure replacement.

Restoring the Integrity of Damaged Screens

If your swimming pool enclosure was perfect before the trouble, restoring the integrity of your damaged screens is an ideal motive for a pool rescreening. Pool enclosure screen repair might be possible for minor snags. However, replacement is often the best course for significant damage to your pool screen. Keep in mind, that Phifer screens are their most effective for about 15 years. After that time, the continuous sun damage, winds, rain, or even a runaway wheelbarrow, or an over-excited animal, it might be time for a pool rescreen. Completing the needed pool screen enclosure replacement will restore your beloved retreat.

Improving Privacy with Florida Glass

Are you craving a little more privacy around your pool? Swapping out your old screens for Florida glass will do the trick. This vinyl-laminated screen helps to block the view of your pool area from prying eyes. If Florida glass isn’t quite right, there are several other screen options that also offer enhanced privacy.

Upgrading Pool Screens for More Protection from the Sun

The warmth of the sun may feel good for a while, but the damage that solar rays can do lasts much longer. Protecting yourself, your loved ones, and your property from potential harm is always smart. Screening with built-in sun protection like Phifer Solar Screens makes it easy.

Enhancing or Restoring Your Pest Protection

Insects that bite, sting, or invade your space make spending time outside miserable. You may have always felt that your enclosure’s screens let too many insects in. Or, you may have noticed that more of these pests have been making their way inside in recent years. As stated above, the technology behind screens has greatly improved over the last few years. Pool enclosure rescreening can be the perfect way to upgrade to a Phifer insect screen that will keep even pesky no-seem-ums out.

Increasing Strength with Pet Screen

Modern screening is durable, but some households are rougher than others. When children or pets are present, having extra strength on hand is always handy. Thicker screening can also improve safety, which is especially valuable around a swimming pool. Phifer Pet Screen is are made from strong, vinyl-coated polyester. This polyester mesh provides an extra level of durability against pets that chew on the screening or use their claws.

Fixing High Pool Enclosure Panels

The upper panels that form the top portions of your pool screen enclosure are a vital part of the structure. They’re also hard to fix because few pros have the resources to work on them properly. Sometimes, it’s easy to repair one of the screen side panels, but these high panels should only be done by a professional.

Are you Ready for a Pool Screen Enclosure Replacement?

Dulando Screen & Awning is committed to excellent customer service, superior workmanship, and high-quality materials, including Phifer screens. We have a long list of satisfied Florida homeowners, and we’d be delighted to add your name to it. If you’re interested in pool screen enclosure replacement, contact us today to discuss the options.

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