3 Steps When Building a Pool Screen Enclosure

3 Steps When Building a Pool Screen Enclosure

Building a pool screen enclosure is the best way to maximize your investment of a swimming pool. The amount of time and money you will save on cleaning alone will quickly justify the cost of a pool screen enclosure. More importantly, adding a swimming pool enclosure to your home expands the amount of available space you have during Florida’s notorious rainy days and truly give you year-round access to your pool. Pool enclosures also protect your family from mosquitoes and the sun’s harmful rays. Before you start shopping for a screen enclosure, here are some tips to guide your research.

Determine Your Budget
The cost of building a pool screen enclosure depends on many factors. Decide upfront how much money you really have to spend. Also, keep in mind the extra value you are getting out of your pool by adding an enclosure. A reputable pool enclosure company can provide you with several options and will work with you to design something that accommodates your needs and your budget. See other factors in determining the cost of a pool screen enclosure.

Study Up On Design Options
Not all screen pool enclosures have the same level of structural integrity and offer the same protection from wind and other elements. When choosing an enclosure type is an ultimately a decision of aesthetics. Of course, you want a pool enclosure that will complement the architectural style of your home. Pool screen enclosures come with many design options. Check out the types of screen enclosures for your swimming pool. This article breaks down the different types of roof slopes and their benefits.

Quality Materials
Dulando Screen & Awning only uses Phifer Screen and all Structall Building Systems. We strongly believe in the quality of the materials we use and back up our work and the product. Be careful of other pool screen enclosure companies who offer an inferior screen product. They will look nice for a few years, but will not withstand the Florida elements and you’ll be left replacing the structure after only a few years.

You really can’t put a monetary value on being able to use your pool whenever you feel like it. If you’re tired of constantly cleaning your pool and rearranging your pool parties around the weather, call Dulando to start building a pool screen enclosure. We will come to your home to help you decide which options work best for your needs and budget. With more than 50 years of experience in the Orlando area and beyond, Dulando remains the premier choice for screened in pool enclosures.  Call us at 407-862-6060 to set up a free in-home design consultation or fill out our free estimate form

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