PGT Windows are the Smart Choice When Building a Sunroom

PGT Windows are the Smart Choice When Building a Sunroom

At Dulando Screen & Awning, delivering customer satisfaction is our priority. To make it happen, we focus on providing superior service and top-quality products. Of course, you can’t make something amazing out of low-quality materials. That’s why we recommend products from PGT Windows. If you’re looking for the best windows when building a sunroom, then PGT is a smart choice for your sunroom windows.

Why PGT Windows are the Best Choice

PGT Windows = Quality, Durability, and Style

When you want glass windows for your custom sunroom, there’s no better choice than PGT. Their windows are available in both aluminum and vinyl cladding. Our favorite is their WinGuard Hurricane Impact Windows. Installing these sunroom windows can protect your home from hurricane-force winds up to 150 mph, as well as intruders, and loud noises. Check out the benefits from WinGuard Impact Windows:

  • Enjoy protection from hurricane-force winds. These impact-resistant windows are built to resist penetration by flying debris. Even if the glass is damaged, it remains in its frame, keeping the elements out and reducing the risk of injury.
  • Keep intruders out. A durable inner layer keeps the broken glass in the frame, thwarting break-ins.
  • Relax with less exterior noise. WinGuard windows absorb sound, reducing ambient noise by 65%.
  • Protect your space from ultraviolet rays. UV rays burn skin and fade all kinds of materials exposed to the sun over a period of time. A clear interlayer keeps out 99% of these harmful rays.
  • Save on homeowners insurance. Installing WinGuard Impact Windows can bring savings of up to 35% on your premiums.
  • Aesthetic appeal and value. Adding a well-designed sunroom to your home is sure to boost your home’s curb appeal and property values. Using gorgeous PGT Windows will only add to the effect. Not to mention give you peace of mind of these additional benefits.

A Variety of Styles

PGT Impact Windows are available in a wide array of styles, so it’s easy to find the perfect window to complete your sunroom. Some of the most popular vinyl sunroom windows options include the following:

  • Casement windows. Casement windows offer the perfect blend of clear view and ventilation. A crank-operated window that swings open up to 90 degrees and seals tightly when desired, it allows you to control how much fresh air enters your sunroom.
  • Awning windows. Windows that open from the bottom and tilt outwards, awning windows are ideal for letting in the air on rainy days.
  • Sliding windows. With two independent sashes that slide left and right freely, sliding windows offer maximum flexibility. You can open either side or overlap the two glass panes in the middle, allowing fresh air to come through both sides of the window.
  • Picture windows. With nothing to block your view, picture windows make the most of a gorgeous setting and let in plenty of natural light. However, they cannot be opened, they are a fixed window.
  • Architectural windows. Architectural windows are accent windows. These nonoperational windows may be round, half-round, or hexagonal. In a sunroom, they may be used to call attention to the extra height of a soaring cathedral ceiling. Although architectural windows are also fixed windows, they are the perfect choice to let in additional natural light into your sunroom.
  • Double-hung windows. With a double-hung window, two sashes are placed vertically. One moves up. The other moves down. Many homeowners use these types of windows throughout their home, so using them in your sunroom feels natural.

Dulando is an Authorized PGT Windows Dealer

When it comes to creating a custom sunroom that will stand the test of time, count on Dulando. We’ve built our reputation with our commitment to quality design and construction. To schedule your in-home design consultation, contact us today.

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