How A Patio Extension Screen Enclosure Can Increase Your Living Space

How A Patio Extension Screen Enclosure Can Increase Your Living Space

If you’re lucky enough to have a screened porch or patio, then you understand just how appealing these structures can be. Have you ever wished that you could expand the space? It’s possible. In fact, we receive lots of queries from curious homeowners about patio extension screen enclosure projects. Why are so many people eager to extend a patio?

Top Reasons for a Patio Extension

More Living Space
An enclosed porch or patio brings the beauty of the outdoors inside while providing convenient protection that allows you to dodge common outdoor annoyances like insects, windblown debris and potential sunburn. People who opt to add a patio extension screen enclosure to their home generally point out that it’s an affordable way to add valuable living space. The same argument holds true for enlarging an existing patio.

Increased Functionality
If you have ever struggled to share a single umbrella with a couple of friends during a downpour, then you know firsthand that size can have a major impact on function. A properly designed screen room extension can transform a cramped lanai covering or patio area into an airy, useful space that is the perfect place for a wide range of pursuits.  Extended patios or screened porches provide extra elbow room that can be utilized for entertaining family and friends, exercising or simply relaxing.

Better Aesthetics
Screening in a patio or screened porch enclosure can have a huge impact on the look of your property. A larger screened room can make the entire home look larger or alter the lines of the structure to create a more attractive shape. Adjusting the size or shape of a screened patio can also allow you to better capitalize on the beautiful views outside your home and to improve the traffic pattern in your outdoor living space. Frankly, increasing the size of your screened porch or patio can be a clever way to improve the aesthetic appeal of your home both indoors and out. This is especially true if you enlist the aid of an experienced patio contractor who can provide customized design and installation services so that the final product is the ideal fit for your property.

Improved Property Values
Since extending a screened porch or patio can provide more functional living space and enhance a home’s curb appeal, it’s no surprise that adding a screen room extension also has the potential to increase the value of your home. A roomy screened enclosure is often both a welcome addition and a wise investment.

Serving Orlando, Florida for over 50 years, Dulando Screen & Awning has a deep understanding of what it takes to craft a high-quality, custom patio extension screen enclosure. If you’re interested in extending your screened porch or patio, we’ll be delighted to help. From discovering the perfect design to providing a smooth, effective installation that results in a top-quality outdoor screen enclosure, we thrive on delivering excellence. Contact us today at 407-862-6060 to explore the possibilities for your patio screen enclosure project and arrange a free in-home design consultation.

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