Patio Awning Debate: Fixed Awning vs. Retractable Awning

Patio Awning Debate: Fixed Awning vs. Retractable Awning

Florida is famous for steamy sunshine and unbearable heat. Even in the coastal areas like New Smyrna Beach and Daytona Beach. So it’s easy to understand one of the biggest perks of a patio awning. Creating shade for your patio keeps the space cooler and protects from the sun’s harsh, damaging rays. When it comes to awnings for patios, there are two kinds to choose from: fixed awnings and retractable awnings. Which patio awning is better? To decide, consider a few points.

Fixed Awning vs. Retractable Awning Differences

Fixed awnings are also called permanent awnings and stationary awnings. Stationary awnings are aluminum, so they stay put. As a result, they can withstand the wear and tear of the unrelenting weather. Installing fixed awnings can turn patios into outdoor rooms that let you use the space even when the weather is less than perfect. In contrast, retractable awnings often have fabric tops and support structures less reliable than their permanent counterparts. In many cases, you’ll need to bring them in and store them during inclement weather to prevent damage.

Custom fixed awnings can cover patios of virtually any size. Whether it’s a private patio in a backyard or a massive parking lot, it’s possible to build a fixed awning to cover it. Because of their portable, lightweight nature, retractable awnings tend to be limited in size. If you have a small or medium-sized patio that you want to shade, you may be able to find retractable awnings that will stretch to cover it. However, if you have a sizeable patio, your options will likely be limited to fixed awnings.

It should come as no surprise that fixed awnings have a higher price tag than retractable awnings. However, the longer lifespan offsets the higher initial cost. Retractable awnings also vary in costs. Motorized tops tend to be more expensive than those that are manually opened and closed. Similarly, the quality of the material used in the cover can significantly impact both the price and the potential longevity of the awning.

When you install a patio awning, you’d much rather spend your time enjoying it than working to maintain it. Some will argue that a retractable awning is easier to maintain because anything that accumulates on top tends to fall off as you open and close it. Meanwhile, reaching the roof of a fixed awning can require some climbing. Since most fixed awnings in the Sunshine State are aluminum, there is less maintenance. It requires very little work to keep it looking great. A quick rinsing off now and then will probably be all that’s necessary.

Patio Awnings are Essential

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