Panoramic Screen Enclosures

A beautiful view deserves a graceful frame. Panoramic screen enclosures use clever engineering to minimize the need for the metal bars and supports that obstruct your view. With longer spans of uninterrupted viewing, there’s nothing to stop you from savoring your stunning surroundings while you’re enjoying your patio area.

By Any Other Name
When a panoramic screen enclosure is the topic of conversation, you’re likely to hear several terms used to describe this fantastic feature:

  • Picture frame enclosure
  • Clear view enclosure
  • Panoramic pool cage
  • Panoramic pool screen enclosure
  • Clear view screen enclosure
  • Expanded view screen enclosure

While the names used to identify it may vary, the advantages offered by a panoramic screen enclosure are consistently appealing. As with any quality screen enclosure, it can keep outdoor annoyances like insects, lizards and yard debris out of your outdoor living space. Plus, building a panoramic screen enclosure for your pool area, offers a measure of extra security while adding value and beauty to your home. However, what really sets this particular type of screen enclosure apart is the way it frames the stunning views and capitalizes on the natural beauty already found in your outdoor living spaces.

Panoramic Screen Enclosure w Flat Roof

Benefits of Expanded View Screen Enclosures

Enhancing your outdoor living space with a panoramic screen enclosure from Dulando Screen & Awning offers numerous many advantages:

  • Make it easier to enjoy Florida’s beautiful scenery.
  • Keep outdoor annoyances like bugs and debris out of the pool area.
  • Tailor the enclosure to perfectly fit your home, pool and yard.
  • Boost your home’s curb appeal and adds value.
  • Increase usable living space and extend the functionality of your pool area.
  • Provide additional security to your pool area.
  • Have peace of mind knowing that high-quality materials and expert construction deliver durability while minimizing the need for maintenance.

Panoramic Pool Cages

With traditional pool cages, metal supports are spaced every 7 feet or so. These bars slice the view beyond the pool area into jagged sections and offer a visual reminder that the pool area is an enclosed space that’s set apart from the world outside. Panoramic screen enclosures remove many of these disruptive supports and expand the uninterrupted view to spans of up to 24 feet. This minimizes that feeling of physical separation and allows you to artfully frame your favorite views.

Panoramic Screen Enclosure Engineering

How does it work? Precision design and advanced engineering are combined with larger, stronger aluminum beams. This mix makes it possible to eliminate most of the vertical supports and chair rails without compromising the structure’s strength. The result is a durable screen enclosure that won’t falter under the heavy winds and rains that sometimes crash through Florida. In addition, the whole structure feels lighter and less restrictive thanks to its lengthy stretches of nearly invisible screening.

Dulando Screen & Awning combines top-quality aluminum materials and Phifer screening with innovative designs and meticulous craftsmanship. For every project we complete, our goal is clear. We’re always intent on producing an amazing screen enclosure that fits your style and budget and is sure to provide your family with years of enjoyment.

Are you ready to explore the possibilities offered by panoramic screen enclosures? Schedule a free in-home design consultation today. Let’s see if a panoramic screen enclosure is right for you and your home.

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