Ideas for Types of Pool and Patio Roof Designs

Ideas for Types of Pool and Patio Roof Designs

If shopping for a new patio or pool screen enclosure doesn’t sound all that exciting, get ready to be surprised.  One of the main considerations when building a patio or pool screen enclosure is roof styles.  Pool and patio roof designs have many options from bell-shaped roofs to sleek architectural frames.  Today’s top patio roof designs are anything but boring.

Whether you want a strictly functional patio screen enclosure with an affordable price tag or a standout pool screen enclosure with so many choices available, you don’t have to look far to find the perfect match for your unique needs and taste.

Our favorite patio roof designs:

gable style pool enclosureGorgeous Gable
This distinct triangle-shaped roof design can be spotted all over the Sunshine State, so if you’d like a dramatic design that won’t look out of place next to your neighbors, the gable is the one to get. With its sophisticated structural finish and timeless aesthetic appeal, it works equally well as a detached screened pool enclosure as an extension of an open gable patio.

A favorite feature of this roof style is that leaves just slide off because of its slope.

mansard roof style pool enclosureMultifaceted Mansard
There’s a good reason why it’s one of the most popular and enduring patio roof designs on the market. Flat on top with gently sloping sides that taper off into the panels below, mansard roofs create the feel of large, wide-open spaces in perfect symmetry.

If comparing all the pool enclosure roof styles, the mansard roof offers the strongest design. Their simple and universally flattering design makes them an easy fit for every type of home.

Dome Style Pool EnclosureDurable Dome
The most common of all roof styles for patio and pool screen enclosures is the dome roof.  Just as it sounds, a dome roof rises into an airy, semi-circular arch. Like the mansard, its soft, sloping sides create the illusion of limitless space and openness, making it a great choice for homes that can use a little extra footage and curb appeal.

As a bonus, its rounded silhouette scores it extra points in higher resistance to wind.

High-Performance Hip
Another excellent choice for stronger wind resistance, a hip roof is what the mansard would look like without its level midsection. Instead, its sides meet at the top in a streamlined shape that resembles a house or a pyramid. If you like the versatility of mansards but want more architectural detail, a hip roof is the ideal meeting ground.

Custom Creations
If you just can’t seem to find a style that meets everything on your wish list, don’t settle for less. With years of experience in building pool screen enclosures made to last in Florida’s unpredictable weather, a specialized pool screen contractor can help you draft your design from scratch.

Additional Reading:

Two important things you’ll want to keep in mind when making your final decision are local building codes and your home’s architectural style. If this is your first encounter with screen enclosures, a quick professional consultation with your contractor is a good way to get your search off to a more confident start. Call Dulando Screen & Awning at 407-862-6060 for a free consultation and estimate.  We’ve been working within the Orlando area as well as the New Smyrna Beach and coastal residence for almost 50 years to create amazing screen enclosure structures to enhance their backyard living.


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