Hurricane Preparedness for your Pool and Patio

Hurricane Preparedness for your Pool and Patio

Living in Florida has its perks. You get abundant sunshine, proximity to beaches and many attractions within driving distance. However, dealing with yearly hurricanes is one of the major drawbacks of living in the Sunshine State. Hurricanes cause millions of dollars worth of damages each year in Florida, and you don’t want to become another statistic in their path.

One of the best ways to handle an emergency is to prepare yourself beforehand. During hurricane season, you should act like a storm is already on the way.  Floridians know all about hurricane preparedness, such as keeping enough water, batteries, and other non-perishable foods on hand.  However, hurricane preparedness can also involve securing your pool and patio.

We’ve compiled a list of ways to Prepare your patio enclosure now, which will keep you from running around frantically once a hurricane has finally been announced.

How to Prepare your patio in case of a Hurricane

  1. Reduce the chances of flying projectiles. Strong winds can whip through the patio and pick up potted plants, decor and umbrellas, turning your belongings into dangerous projectiles. When a hurricane is on the way, bring those items indoors and store them safely away from windows.
  1. Lockdown unmovable items.  If you have an outdoor patio table that cannot be relocated, turn it over. Otherwise, the wind could pick it up and send it flying through your screen enclosure or into a neighbor’s home. Consider latching things down with a heavy-duty chain or tie-downs to keep items in place during the storm.
  1. Take care of overhanging trees.  Before a hurricane approaches, contact a tree trimming company to thin out the canopy of your majestic oaks and other amazing trees we love so much to provide shade.  Overhanging trees can cause serious damage to your patio enclosure and home during a hurricane. Trim back any limbs that could tear through the screen or fall onto the roof.  If you have new trees on your property, tie them down to keep them in place during high winds.
  1. Turn off the electricity to the patio area.  If you have a pool near your patio, you’ll want to stop the flow of electricity to the area. During a hurricane, there’s a chance that your pool could overflow and send water into the pumps. Locate your home’s electrical panel, and turn off the breaker to the pool and patio area. You should also cover all outdoor electrical devices with a waterproof material to reduce damage in the storm.

As you can see, hurricane preparedness does not only include supplies you have to keep on hand.  In fact, some of these items can be completed any time during the year.  Trust us; you will have enough to consider if a hurricane approaches.  Preventative measures before a hurricane saves you time and peace of mind. You’ll have more time to ensure the security of other parts of your home and reduce your cleanup efforts once the storm subsides.

Of course, each year, we really hope there won’t be any major storms, but who are we kidding?  Since we have no control over when a storm will approach, at least we can be prepared.

We hope this list has been helpful to you and given you peace of mind.  Dulando Screen and Awning, Inc. wants to be your outdoor living partner.  If there is anything else we can help you prepare for a hurricane, please call us. 407-862-6060.

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