How to Plan for a New Florida Room Addition

How to Plan for a New Florida Room Addition

Florida rooms are a fantastic way to bring the beauty of your outdoor spaces inside while also adding space and value to your home. It seems like an overwhelming project, but it’s quite manageable if you make a plan. What should you think about when planning your new Florida room addition? Here are a few tips to get you started.

Your Project Goal
Why are you eager to add a new sunroom addition to your home? Do you want a private escape where you slip away to unwind, a multitasking family room, or a place that’s ideal for entertaining? Having a clear goal in mind will make your decision-making process easier and will help in making subsequent decisions.

Your Space Requirements
How much space do you need to do what you want to do? You might not require a lot of square footage for a private retreat or a breakfast nook. However, if you’re hoping to create a room for entertaining large groups or provide a space where children can play, you’ll need a larger area.

The Florida Room’s Placement
Where should the Florida room addition go? You’ll need to consider the flow of traffic through both your home and your outdoor spaces, and the impact that any changes will have. There’s also the issue of utilities to weigh. Do you plan to incorporate an existing porch or patio when you’re building a Florida room? If so, you may see some savings if you’re able to reuse the existing floor or roof. If you need to expand the existing footprint of the patio, then it’s a good time to figure out by how much.

The Florida Room’s Appearance
How will an addition affect the appearance of your home? You don’t want the addition to look like an afterthought. Can you include architectural features that will make the addition feel like it’s part of the house? What about materials? Will you opt for wood?  A wood frame is gorgeous but notoriously a high-maintenance material. Would user-friendly aluminum be a better pick? After all, this environmentally friendly material comes in a variety of colors and styles. What type of windows do you want? Glass or acrylic? It’s also a good idea to figure out what kind of screens you want. There are so many to choose from.

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Your Project Budget
Contemplating your project budget may not be as much fun as the other items on this list, but it’s an essential part of planning your project. Fortunately, a sunroom contractor who regularly designs and builds custom Florida rooms can help you get the most out of your budget. Dulando has the experience to know when spending a little more will really pay off. We also know where you can save a little without impacting the overall quality of the project.

Choosing a Sunroom Contractor
The right sunroom contractor can be an incredible ally in your quest to build the perfect Florida room. How do you find the right professional? Do a little research. Look for an established contractor with a solid reputation for getting the job done right. Make sure that they’re happy to answer your questions, and that you feel comfortable working with them. Finally, consider the quality of their work. Read reviews carefully and go over the information on the materials used in the construction. Don’t forget to ask about warranties.

access-your-free-guideLastly, we’ve also created a free download guide for homeowners who want to build a sunroom.
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