How to Clean Brick Pavers

How to Clean Brick Pavers

Are you wondering how to clean brick pavers? Hardscaping with pavers brings structure and utility to your outdoor spaces, creating a framework for your landscaping and providing delightful features like pool decks, patios and walkways. While an accumulation of debris and grime can leave your natural stone, concrete or brick pavers looking less than their best, it’s easy to refresh them with a quick cleaning. Just follow these five simple steps to clean brick pavers.

1. Gather your equipment.
Any task is easier to accomplish if you have the necessary tools at your fingertips. Before you begin cleaning concrete pavers, natural stone pavers or brick pavers, you’ll want to gather a few items.

  • a broom
  • a scrub brush or pressure washer – see #5
  • a garden hose
  • preferred weed killer
  • a cleanser that is safe for your pavers, pets and environment

2. Make a clean sweep.
The first step is obvious to clean brick pavers. Take a broom and briskly sweep your patio pavers to remove loose debris like leaves, twigs and dirt. If your patio pavers have sand joints between them, try not to dislodge too much of this sand, but do your best to clear away whatever doesn’t belong.

3. Inspect your pavers
Spend a few minutes visually inspecting your pavers. Note any weeds that have invaded and check for stains on the stone. Pay extra attention to any places where it looks like a paver might be damaged. You’ll want to work with extra care here. If the damage is truly severe, you may want to consider having the ruined pavers replaced.

4. Deal with any weeds.
Weeds are stubborn opportunists. Given half a chance, they’ll sprout in the joints between pavers. When cleaning brick pavers, concrete pavers or natural stone pavers, deal with weeds that you come across the same way that you would deal with any that you found in your flowerbed or garden. If you pull the weed by hand, get as much of the root as possible. For a more hands-off option, you can spray it with weed killer or douse it with vinegar or boiling water.

5. Wash away persistent grime.
Did sweeping your pavers clear away the worst of the mess? You may be able to just rinse them off with the garden hose. If grime is still clinging to your pavers, it’s time to break out the scrub brush and a cleaner that is safe for the stone. Mix the cleaner with water as directed, splash it on the stone, and then use the scrub brush and a little elbow grease to clean the pavers. Work in small areas and try erasing stubborn stains by putting the cleanser on a rag and scrubbing them by hand. Once you’ve finished scrubbing the pavers, use the garden hose to rinse away any soapy residue from the cleanser and reveal your fresh, clean pavers.

If there are still stains, it’s time for the pressure washer, but be extremely careful if you go this route. Many pressure washers are powerful enough to damage the surface of pavers and the sand joints between them. So if you have to use a pressure washer, angle the wand at a 45-degree angle. Don’t point the wand directly into the sand joints.

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