How Much Does It Cost to Build A Pool Screen Enclosure?

How Much Does It Cost to Build A Pool Screen Enclosure?

A helpful guide to determine the cost to build a pool screen enclosure.

A Florida pool enclosure provides a number of benefits, from guarding against leaves and insects to adding privacy as you swim. They also offer added security and prevent pets and children from venturing into an open pool. Even though there is a cost to build a pool screen enclosure, it will also increase your home’s resale value and enhance your swimming experience. Pool screen enclosures will also provide an entertainment space for your guests throughout the year.

Cost To Build a Pool Enclosure

Every day we are asked by prospective customers how much does it cost to build a pool screen enclosure? Therefore, that is the basis for this article. The average cost our company has experienced in the last few years has been in the $8,000 to $10,000 range which is based on 20 x 40 pool deck with a dome-style roof. Of course, there are also other criteria that come into play which are explored below.

Screen Enclosures for All Types of Pools

Screen pool enclosures must accommodate the many different pool sizes and shapes available. The enclosure varies in its construction depending on both the type and the location of the pool.

All of our outdoor pool enclosures typically are constructed with industry-standard aluminum. We have found that this alloy offers the durability necessary for Florida storms. See other benefits of using aluminum pool enclosures, Other factors that determine price are design preference and matching the home’s structure.

Pool Screen Enclosure Designs and Options

You have the choice of a pool enclosure that attaches to your home or stands alone as its own unit. You can also choose a basic enclosure that covers just the pool itself and doesn’t provide an enclosed space for the patio or the deck.

The screen enclosure roof varies depending on your preference; it can have a flat design or interesting peaks and gables for more visual appeal. The majority of pool enclosures we build are domed shaped.   However, you can also have the pool enclosure built with a hip or mansard roof, also known as a French roof with two slopes on each side.

Looking for ideas when building a pool enclosure?  Check out our gallery of screen pool enclosures.

The Many Benefits of a Pool Screen Enclosure

A screen enclosure reduces the time and effort required to remove leaves, bugs and other debris from your pool. It also minimizes the need to add more chemicals or operate the pool vacuum. Other benefits of adding an enclosure include:

  • Providing a safety barrier between the water and any pets or children who should not have access to the pool area
  • Creating a place to entertain guests and have pool parties without the worry of insects and other bugs ruining the fun
  • Depending on the screen you choose, you can also reduce solar heat and create a buffer between you and the Florida heat
  • Adding resale value to the home

The Average Cost to Build a Pool Screen Enclosure in Orlando

The cost of a pool screen enclosure really depends on the materials and the design, the location and size of the pool and the complexity of the overall installation.

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Because the cost to build a pool cage screen enclosure varies on so many factors, it’s best to contact Dulando Screen & Awning for an in-home design consultation to find out which pool enclosure works best for your home. Call us at 407-862-6060 to schedule an appointment.Save

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