How Much Does a Swimming Pool Screen Enclosure Cost?

How Much Does a Swimming Pool Screen Enclosure Cost?

We hear this same question every day from Orlando homeowners.  “How much does a swimming pool screen enclosure cost?” (also known as a pool cage)  While that may seem like a simple question, it’s an unexpectedly tricky one. Many factors contribute to a pool enclosure cost. That makes providing an accurate quote without accounting for the details of your backyard space and desired design very tough. Instead, it’s important to look at the elements that influence a swimming pool enclosure cost.

Swimming Pool Screen Enclosure Cost is based on:

Size of Your Pool Screen Enclosure

It’s no surprise that size matters when it comes to the cost of a pool screen enclosure. After all, a larger enclosure requires more materials and resources to build.

What do you need to think about in terms of sizing? Most people prefer a screen enclosure that offers at least 8 feet of height. However, if you’re tall or enjoy playing games in the pool, you might prefer a higher ceiling. You’ll also need to consider how much space around the pool you want to shield with the new pool screen enclosure. A few other questions to ask yourself are:

  • Is a 3-foot walkway suitable?
  • Would you rather have a larger area inside the enclosure so that you have room for seating and other features?

Increasing the size can make the structure more useful and enjoyable, but it will also increase its cost.

Swimming Pool Enclosure Shape

Your pool shape is another consideration when you’re building a pool screen enclosure. Swimming pool enclosures come in all kinds of shapes.  The most common are rectangular and hexagonal shapes.  But if you want a custom pool enclosure, you have plenty of options to choose from. A few more questions to consider:

  • What works best with your space?
  • Will the pool enclosure attach to your house or be freestanding?
  • What type of roof do you have in mind? See the different roof types for your swimming pool

Normally, the cost of a pool enclosure is attached to the complexity of a design. The more complex the design of the pool enclosure, the more expensive it is to build.

Materials to Build a Swimming Pool Enclosure

With their constant exposure to the elements and the moisture from the pool, pool cages can take quite a beating. That makes choosing the right materials imperative. Although quality materials may cost a bit more upfront, their durability and minimal maintenance requirements often make them a better value in the long run. How much should you expect to pay for materials? While the answer depends on the materials that you choose, material costs for a pool screen enclosure tend to run around $7 to $15 per square foot.


To get the best results, you’ll need more than excellent materials. Quality craftsmanship is a must. For that, you’ll want to enlist a contractor who is experienced in building swimming pool enclosures. Make sure they are also licensed, bonded and insured. How do labor costs impact the cost of a screen enclosure? When you add together the materials needed and the cost of the services of such a professional, you can expect to pay around $15 to $25 per square foot.

Additional Fees for Preparation

When building a new swimming pool screen enclosure, the costs are not limited to only material and labor.  Pool enclosure costs include

  • Permitting fees
  • Charges to prepare the site before the new enclosure’s installation
  • Cleanup fees

When so we revisit the question, How much does a swimming pool screen enclosure cost? As you can see, there are many components to building a swimming pool enclosure.  An average overall cost in the central Florida area is between $7,000 and $10,000 to build a standard-size pool enclosure.

To explore your options and discover how much your screened pool enclosure will cost, reach out to Dulando Screen & Awning. We deliver quality craftsmanship, excellent service and competitive pricing. From the creation of a design that fits your unique needs to the installation of a top-quality custom screen enclosure in your backyard, our team will cheerfully guide you through the entire process. Contact us today at 407-862-6060 to request a free in-home design consultation.

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