Give Your Old Patio New Life with these Patio Design Ideas

Give Your Old Patio New Life with these Patio Design Ideas

Ormond-sunroom-interiorSpring time has sprung and it’s time to enjoy why we live in Florida.

Sometimes, we only need to make a few adjustments to our outdoor living space in order for us to fall in love with it again.

Here are a few low-cost patio design ideas for your porch or patio.  These will easily turn your backyard living space into a more appealing space to host friends and family.

Add New Color

Patio design ideas can be as simple as infusing color into the space.  Have you considered changing out the cushions or adding new accent pieces with a bold new color?  Color can have a direct effect on our moods, creativity and sense of relaxation.

Red and Yellow – are used to stimulate the body and mind.  Think of the sun and how we derive energy from it.  It’s also a good idea to use these bold colors and other primary colors with young children.  But in adults, it has been known to increase stimulation and the nervous system.

Blue – will always soothe us.  Whether you are looking into a deep blue ocean or staring up at the blue sky, it’s just soothing.  Consider adding different shades of blue to your patio if you have a lot of stress in your life and need a get-a-way in your backyard.  Do you have a water feature in your porch or patio?  The sound of water can also be very soothing after a long day.  You may never want to leave your patio.

Green – is just a natural fit for outdoor living.  After all, our grass and trees are green.  (or at least we hope they are).  Green can be a symbol of life, but it can also be very whimsical and fun depending on what other color you coordinate it with.   This is your opportunity to take a chance and explore.

Add Lighting to your Outdoor Space

Patio design ideas don’t have to be complicated.  We all have a few extra strands of Christmas lights in the garage.  Put them to use around the perimeter of your patio.   Use a complementary color for your other decorations.  Or just use white.  It gives a wonderful glow in the evenings and softens the look of the patio instead of the one huge bright light.  These lights don’t need to be contained to the patio.  Feel free to wrap a tree in your backyard as well.

Candles – who doesn’t love candles?  If your patio is not enclosed, then use citronella candles to help avoid mosquitoes.  If your patio is enclosed, then use the fragrance that suits you.  Turn old planters into candle holders, or even an unused bird bath can hold a center candle with pebbles surrounding it.   If safety is a concern of yours, then there are also the flameless candles.

Container Plants – can be a great way to increase the level of relaxation on your patio as well as improve your health by cleaning the air you breathe.  The good news is that most of these plants are VERY easy to grow, such as Peace Lilies, Ferns and English Ivy.  Containers are also a great way to add new colors to your patio color scheme.  It’s like a 2 for 1 deal in redecorating your patio.

Update concrete floor for pavers – especially if you have unsightly cracks in your concrete.   See the advantages of using pavers instead of concrete.

These are only a few suggestions for patio design ideas to get the juices flowing to help you reinvigorate your outdoor living space.  All you need is a little imagination.

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